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Breast Enlargement in Turkey

A woman can feel unhappy or insecure about her body based on her breast size or shape. Them being so small or being in so uneven shapes can affect her self-image in a huge way over time. Luckily breast enlargement in Turkey has a solution for it. 

Getting it can change the way you see yourself by making you more happy with yourself and boosting your confidence. Despite the fact that implants have become linked with celebrity culture, the interest of getting the treatment by people is growing rapidly.

Breast enlargement in Turkey a way to fix asymmetry or increase the cup size without overdoing it. But the operation can be done for numerous other reasons. Such as Changes in hormones and weight during pregnancy, breast volume changes after breastfeeding, reduced breast volume as a result of cancer or other breast-related illnesses, getting older, and weight loss that affects the breasts, whether it is sudden or gradual.

Women can start feeling uncomfortably in their own skin based on these changes. A Breast Enlargement in Turkey can be helpful for fixing these problems by using round or teardrop shaped silicone or saline implants.

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What Is Involved In A Breast Enlargement In Turkey?

When you arrive in the city and go to the hospital that your surgery will take place in you will have a meeting with your allocated plastic surgeon and a host dedicated to you. During this time you will talk about details and any questions you might have. 

Then you will go through a consultation and series of tests to see if you are in good condition to have the surgery and to decide the shape, size and which type of implant suits you the best. The breast enlargement in Turkey are done under general anesthesia so there will be no pain during. 

It will last 2-3 hours depending on your demands. Then you will be required to stay in the facilities through the night so your doctor can keep an eye on you during the time being. You can choose to leave the clinic on the second day and rest in your hotel room, meanwhile, your expert will be in contact with you 24/7 and will have you come in on the second and the fourth days for necessary checks.

After the last check depending on your situation, you’ll be given a detailed aftercare plan that includes medicine, activities you can do, and any other recommendations. After that, you can head to the airport and travel back home or choose to spend some time to enjoy the country and what it has to offer.

You may get in touch and attend one of the private hospitals in the UK as part of your post-op assistance if you encounter any side effects or risk manifestations after you’ve returned home

How is Breast Implant Surgery Done?

When this cosmetic surgical operation is performed by a professional to achieve more fuller and even breasts, the placing of the implant behind the breast tissue is done through a mini incision on the chest.

The surgery is done in two ways. The first one is by fat transfer in which is inserted into the upper body to achieve larger breasts. The second one is done by creating tiny incisions and inserting silicone gel or saline-filled implants to achieve the same goal. 

Depending on your wants they can be placed either above or under the muscle through the incisions made underneath the breast or the armpit. The surgeons should go through the advantages of each technique in the meeting. Breast implant surgery has a recovery period of roughly nine months.

Young woman getting breast examination at the hospital
Breast correction and plastic surgery

What are the best Breast Implants?

There are two commonly used types of these surgeries including Silicone implants and saline implants. Each has its own advantages and the ideal implant is different for every patient. For instance, silicone implants are often utilized in breast reconstruction surgery for individuals who have had breast cancer. 

They are pre-filled and do not allow for size changes based on body proportions, therefore a longer cut might be necessary. They are less prone to wrinkle, and the implant filler is incredibly soft and malleable, allowing for greater mobility and a natural sensation. 

They’re also available in round, tear-drop, and anatomical forms. Some varieties feature a textured surface, which may reduce the likelihood of hardening. On the other hand, Saline implants are a sort that comes in silicone shells that are afterwards infused with sterile salt water, allowing your expert to regulate the size. 

The implant shell will leak and collapse after placement, allowing the saline solution to be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body. Because the saline solution is comparable to your bodily fluids, it can be safely absorbed. They have a natural feel and a delicate texture. Both implants, on the other hand, have a reputation for being safe and long-lasting, thus the kind of implant utilized will be determined by the patient’s demands.

Who Can Get Breast Augmentation Surgery and Why do Women Get It? 

There is more than one reason why women use breast enlargement in Turkey. It might be being unhappy with the size or the shape of the breasts, uneven breasts, changing in appearance after having children(if that is the case and there is also sagging, breast lift surgery might also be necessary), having a mastectomy (where one or both breasts are removed) in the past, etc.

To be able to get the service patients must have gone through puberty and their breasts must have stopped growing for at least 2 years which means they should be approximately 19-20 years old at least. Of course to be a candidate for enhancement in breast size you should be in generally good health and have reasonable expectations of the operation. In addition, women who have just given birth should wait for at least 4 to 8 weeks after they have stopped breastfeeding before seeing a cosmetic surgeon to get an appropriate estimate of their breast size.

If why you want to have the operation is because you have lost weight in the recent past then breast surgeons in Turkey propose a breast uplift with implants since a breast enlargement alone can only restore the volume of the breasts without lifting them.

And if you are wondering how are you going to choose the right implant size do not worry because there are scientific breast implant size tables and virtual programmes available to assist you to see your final outcome. Professionals can also help you choose the proper size and implant from a variety of alternatives depending on your anatomy and aesthetic preferences.

What should be considered before and after the operation?

Every professional recommend that patients should be free of any kind of smoking for a period of time before the surgeries, it is important for a healthy recovery process. Also, you shouldn’t take any medical drugs other than the ones your plastic surgeon allowed you to take for 2 weeks before the surgery.

For after breast enlargement in Turkey recommendations after staying in the facilities for the first night your surgeon will inform you about the issues that you need to pay attention to. But in general, you should rest for at least one week after the surgery and you are required to avoid any heavy activities for a month, don’t be shy from asking your family for help with household chores and childcare. Patients are given detailed instructions for aftercare, including medication expectations, ways for lowering discomfort, how to change bandages, and how to wear the medical bra.

If you have any worries about scars, they will fade away in time but won’t disappear completely. While they can be different for every patient even if the scars remain they will remain under your bra or bikini. Also, you will be given some lotions and care items to aid in the healing of your scars. In some circumstances, they use a fractional CO2 laser to improve the appearance of scars and lessen their clarity in a shorter amount of time.

In the second week after the procedure, your pain will be relieved. You can increase your movements. Depending on the work you do, you can return to your job. Swell in your breasts will still be apperant.

In the sixth week following the surgery, you can take off your postoperation bra. You may pick up where you left off with your physical activity.

In the sixth month after the surgery swelling will subside, scars will vanish, and the final form of the breasts will appear.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or need any help after the surgery you can always get in contact with your doctor. And if you travelled from abroad and can’t come in for regular consultation you can always get your check-up done by sending photos online and getting feedback from your doctors.

Are breast implants safe and What Are the Possible Risks?

One of the main concerns is the question of can breast implants cause breast cancer or auto immune disease? But the studies which are going on for many years told that there is no relationship between the medical procedure and these diseases.

Breast implant brands are quite critical. During your meeting with your doctor, you will be informed about the brand of the prosthesis that will be implanted, and you should request the prosthesis cards with the serial numbers of the prosthesis to be delivered to you following surgery.

But of course, there are smaller risks taking place in the operation such as infection, scar, bleeding, poor healing, fluid build-up, blood clots Capsular Contracture, The Leaking Or Rupture Of Your Implant.

While the risks may be present the healthcare that the Turkish doctors present, will make sure that your surgery is conducted with expertise. So you should be free of any kind of stress about the operation. If you have any medical issues, you must inform the surgeon ahead of time so that the surgery is safe and won’t have long-term consequences for you or your health.

Does Breast Implants Effect Breastfeeding?

The implications of breast implants on pregnancy are one of the most popular worries among breast augmentation Turkey patients. Breast implants are misunderstood by some women as preventing them from breastfeeding.

While future pregnancies should be considered and discussed with your cosmetic surgeon when determining the size, kind, and placing of breast implants, pregnancy should not prevent you from having the procedure done.

In general, women who have had the procedure are able to have kids without difficulty. Pregnancy, on the other hand, might have an impact on the appearance and form of the breast implant.

Does It Affect the Sensitivity Around the Breasts and Nipples?

After the surgery breast enlargement in Turkey, the sensitivity of your breast and nipple might rise or decrease. It’s all normal and should be seen as a side effect of the surgery. It might also have an impact on your sexual response as well as the feeling when breastfeeding your child.

Does It Affect the Sensitivity Around the Breasts and Nipples?

You can actually get on an international flight to Turkey, stay in nice 4-5 star hotels, get your treatment done in accredited clinics where the post operation care and support being included and still save yourself thousands of pounds. Breast enlargement in Turkey costs and prices are the most affordable compared to other countries. Also if you are a UK citizen you don’t even need to get a visa. 

And if you are a USA citizen you can’t it for only $76.50. In Turkey, the average cost of breast enlargement is $3850, with a minimum cost of $2300 and a maximum cost of $9000. The price doesn’t include the flight ticket to Turkey but for patients arriving, most clinics offer a complimentary airport-clinic-airport transport. But don’t worry the cost of travel and accommodation is generally less than 10% of the treatment expense.

How can something be so inexpensive and yet be good quality breast enlargement in Turkey? You ask,

Because of reduced local expenses and negotiated pricing, this is the case. It is never due to a lack of quality. So don’t delay your operation Breast Enlargement in Turkey choose to visit this country today and get your surgery done by an experienced surgeon under high standards while still paying a low price.