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Dental crowns are a popular treatment among international patients seeking affordable dental care. While prices can be high in countries like the UK, Europe, and America, dental crown prices in Turkey are competitive and offer high-quality treatments. Our dental clinic offers affordable prices for patients seeking treatment for missing, cracked, or weak teeth. Don’t delay your dental treatment any longer and contact us for a free quote. Our experienced dentists can provide a natural-looking smile and address all of your dental concerns. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about our high-quality, affordable dental treatments.

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What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of dental restorations used to treat damaged teeth. Dental crowns are used when a simple filling or inlay is no longer effective and the tooth is severely damaged. Dental crowns cover the yellow and broken parts of your teeth and help you to smile confidently. The tissue around the tooth has to be removed before placing the dental crown. Once you undergo a dental crown treatment, the process can not be reversed.

Additionally, dental crowns give a more natural appearance and fit your tooth structure perfectly. Dental crowns bond so much better to the tooth than the veneers, even though they may not be as conservative as them. So, it is not that easy for a crown to fall off from your tooth. Dental crowns also protect your natural enamel from fracturing after root canal treatment.

8 Types of Dental Crowns

There is a wide range of dental crown types. A dental crown can be a permanent crown or even a temporary crown. The most common dental crown types are listed below. 

1) Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (pfm):

Metal porcelain crowns also called PFM dental crowns and are made of metal crowns and porcelain crowns. Metal porcelain crowns are generally cosmetically satisfying, but unfortunately, your gums recede over time and you may see a black line on the top when you smile. If you decided to get metal porcelain crowns, changing them after six to seven years are recommended by cosmetic dentists to maintain healthy smile makeovers. Additionally, metal porcelain crowns have good mechanical properties and biological quality. So, PFM dental crowns are also very resilient.

2) Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crowns (PFZ):

Zirconium porcelain crowns give really aesthetic smile makeover and are also very durable. Zirconium porcelain crowns always look white on the top so you will never see a black line over the gum. Compared to metal porcelain crowns, zirconium porcelain crowns are a lot more healthy and biocompatible since it is free from Nickel. Zirconium porcelain crowns and dental bridges are CAD/CAM alternatives to the PFM dental crowns. Moreover, zirconium porcelain crowns are hypoallergenic.

3) Porcelain Crowns:

Porcelain crowns are helpful for restoring your teeth and their appearance. Unlike other dental crowns, porcelain crowns focus on aesthetic smile makeovers as they are designed to resemble your existing teeth. And these dental crown procedures are especially important if you require tooth crowns on your front teeth. Hence, porcelain dental crowns are as strong as your normal teeth and last for decades.

4) Zirconium Crown

The zirconium crown is made of natural white material. Zirconium crowns are the latest technology in dentistry and are used by a wide range of cosmetic dentists. Zirconium crowns provide the best results in terms of aesthetics, strength, and durability. Additionally, zirconia crowns do not include any kind of metal so it is considered a healthy option.

5) All Ceramic Crowns

All ceramic crown restorations have the most translucent property among other dental crowns. Besides you can obtain the most natural teeth look for this dental crown. However, Ceramic crowns are far behind zirconium and metal-supported dental crowns in terms of durability and strength.

6) Full Metal Crowns:

As its name indicates, metal crowns are made of only one piece of alloy material called metal. Even though the metal crown is very durable and lasts the longest among other dental crowns, they do not look aesthetic.

7) E Max Crowns

E max crown is preferred mostly because of aesthetic purposes if the patient’s tooth is suitable for this dental treatment. E max crowns are made entirely of ceramic materials. But, some of them can contain zirconium to ensure durability and strength.

8) Gold Crowns

These types of dental crowns are not preferable anymore by patients and look old-fashioned but they are highly resilient and durable.

Crown Type Price (GBP)
Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns £100
Porcelain Fused To Zirconia Crowns £130
Porcelain Crowns £120
Zirconium Crowns £130
Full Ceramic Crowns £100
Full Metal Crowns £100
E-Max Crowns £220
Gold Crowns £100
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Dental Crown Treatment Procedures

At the first stage, you will send us your x-rays, pictures of your teeth, and also the medical history of your tooth. Right after that, you will be receiving a free quote for your dental treatments via free dental consultation. During this consultation, your treatment plan for dental crowns in Turkey will be discussed and prepared.

At the second stage, you will be arriving at Health Centers Turkey clinic center with a VIP car that we will be providing for you. Then, our dentists will examine your teeth and check the condition of your teeth via x-rays, 3D images, and CAD/CAM technology. You will also decide the color, material, and brand of the dental crowns Turkey that you want to have. Right after that, our clinic center will be preparing your dental crowns as you wish.

At the third stage, under local anaesthesia your teeth will be prepared by grinding off your teeth to place temporary teeth (aka artificial tooth) for dental crowns in Turkey. The next day, the temporary crowns will be replaced and fixed by the new dental crowns. Lastly, your dental check-up will be made to void any complications after the treatment.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

For the majority of patients, a standard tooth crown should last 6 to 14 years or longer. Depending on the patient’s oral hygiene habits, this period of time may lengthen or shorten. Simply said, your crown should last longer the better your oral hygiene.

Dental Crown Usage In Dental Implant Treatments

The dental implant is used for forming an artificial tooth to replace missing teeth with dental crowns. Dental implants, dental bridges, and root canal treatments are the three most useful solutions for teeth that are missing. There are a large variety of materials for dental bridges and dental crowns in Turkey. Additionally, the correct length of the dental bridge and the correct type of dental bridge is quite important to choose to prevent any fracture on the dental bridge.

While getting dental implants you will still need dental crowns on the top of the teeth the implant will be placed. If you decided to get a dental implant for your teeth that are missing, then your dental treatment will be in two steps. You will need a second visit to Turkey to complete all restorations. After gaping three to six months, your second trip to Turkey will take at most seven days.

Dental Crown treatment is a common method in dental implant treatment. If you are looking dental implant treatment, this article may interest you. 


Why Should to Get Dental Crown Turkey?

While getting dental implants you will still need dental crowns on the top of the teeth the implant will be placed. If you decided to get a dental implant for your teeth that are missing, then your dental treatment will be in two steps. You will need a second visit to Turkey to complete all restorations. After gaping three to six months, your second trip to Turkey will take at most seven days.

Advantages of Getting Dental Crowns

  1. Affordable prices for dental procedures compared to other countries.

  2. Looks just like your natural teeth.

  3. Replace missing teeth and rotten teeth with healthy teeth by giving an aesthetic smile makeover.

  4. An experienced dentist in Turkey will guide you.

  5. There is a wide range of dental clinic center in Turkey.

  6. There are no hidden costs besides there is no sky high operational costs.

  7. Gain your oral health with dental care with a beautiful smile makeover.

Disadvantages of Getting Dental Crowns

  1. Dental crown treatment is a non-reversible process.

  2. Teeth sensitivity complications can be seen after getting dental crowns in Turkey.

How Long Will This Dental Treatment Take to Complete?

Getting dental crowns in Turkey will only require 7 days of accommodation on average.

What are Dental Crown Problems?

Here is a list of the most common dental crown complications.

  1. Tooth decay that caused by poor hygiene habits.

  2. Poor crown placement that caused by improper placement of dental crowns.

  3. Implant failure that caused by an accident or injury to the tooth by consuming certain types of food such as hard, sticky, etc.

  4. Sensitive teeth that caused by consuming too hot or cold foods and beverages after dental crown placement.

  5. Damaged crowns such as cracks, fractures, and breaks due to trauma.

  6. Allergic reactions due to the material used in the dental crown placement.

How to Take Care of Dental Crowns?

  1. Avoid consuming sticky and hard foods and beverages.

  2. Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Especially pay attention to your crown.

  3. Have good dental hygiene habits.

  4. Visit a dentist regularly for dental exams, dental check-ups, and dental cleanings.

Some patients can wonder the differences between crowns types. On the other hand, dental crowns are also common method used for Hollywood Smile Treatment and people who searching for dental crowns, may need to get teeth whitening treatment. We have added some links that can help you to get more information.  

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How Much is a Crown at the Dentist?

UK price range is between 350£ and 1050£, Europe price range is between 300€ and 1100€, and America price range is between 500$ and 3000$ for a dental crown cost. Moreover, they will require a consultation fee at first. After that, for other operations, you need to pay as well.

How Much Does Crown Cost at Dental Clinic in Turkey?

Turkey price range for dental crowns cost is between 2oo$ and 450$. Additionally, these prices will change from clinic to clinic because every clinic has its own procedure for determining the prices. When some clinics offer a direct package for dental crowns, some only offer a treatment plan and determine the cost accordingly.

When we compared the fee betwen Turkey, UK, Europe and USA, you will save money too much. People coming to Turkey for dental treatments, save 70%, on avarage. Look at the price list: 


How Much Does Dental Crown Turkey Cost in HCT Dental Clinics?

At HCT dental clinics, the cost of a porcelain dental crown is £100, a zirconia crown is £130, and an e-max crown is £220. Old crown removal is free of charge, and we offer a complimentary 5-star hotel stay and VIP car transfer from the airport to the hotel and clinic. Our experienced team is ready to provide you with a free consultation to help you achieve the perfect smile. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today and take the first step towards a confident and healthy smile.

Dental Crown Turkey Reviews

Turkey host a a lot of international patients who coming to get quality dental treatment. Turkey is an important dental tourism country and has well-known popularity in the world. 

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