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Dental Antalya Turkey is a popular term for dental tourism in Turkey. Due to the increasing the number of medical tourists in Turkey, people are hearing too much Antalya nowadays. Antalya is not only a city for having holiday but also is a city that you can find amazing private dental clinics. A wide range of people do have amazing holiday while getting dental treatment in dental centre. The number of dental clinic is increasing day by day, together with it; the number of international patients coming to Antalya is also increasing

Some patients wonder what they are going to do when they come to Antalya for their dental treatments. If you think of coming to Turkey for dental treatment such as dental implants, dental veneers or dental crowns; you had better consult a dentist before you send flying ticket.

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What Expect you During The All Dental Treatment Process?

Your dental treatment process is generally starts with you sending flying ticket to the pre-booked dental clinic. Most of dental clinic in Antalya does not launch the process without you sending a prove like flying ticket. When you send flying ticket, your dental holiday will start at the airport. 7 steps below is more or less possible experiences you will undergo.

  1. Customer services meet you as soon as you arrive in airport.

  2. With VIP transfer car services, you will be taken to the hotel that you accommodate.

  3. During the all treatment process, VIP transfer car services will be provided for your tansporatation between the hotel and the clinic.

  4. The same day or the following day, you will be taken to the clinic at pre-booked time. Initial consultation and treatment planning are discussed at this stage in general.

  5. You will not pay for inital consultation, CAD/CAM technology, panoramic X-Ray, tomography and medicines. By the way, there is no hidden cost in our clinic. It does exactly what it says on the box.

  6. Out of the dental treatments, our teammates will direct you as per your preference about where you would like to go, what you would like to do.

  7. When your treatment is completed, you can keep enjoying your holiday or you can prefer to go back your hometown. Which you prefer or, our teammates will do the best to help you as much as possible.

Please research in detail whether the dental clinic has hidden cost or not. Ask whether the dental clinic in Antalya has a translator for you or not. Know who you are keeping touch with during the treatment process. If you need detailed information, this article can help you:


Which Dental Treatments Can You Get in Antalya?

At dental clinics in Antalya, you will find any dental treatments that you need to improve your natural teeth and reach healthy teeth. Antalya is very competitive city for dental tourism. You will find;

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are popular treatment to get new smile in cosmetic dentistry. There are a lot of international patients who coming to Turkey for dental implants. Dental implant is perfect dental solution to fix missing teeth and has lifetime guarantee. Do you have missing teeth?

Dental Implant Turkey Price Treatment Duration Anesthesia
100 £ per a Single Tooth 1 day Local Anesthesia

Dental implant treatment prices in Turkey changes depending on the types of dental implant treatment and the number of implant your mouth need. Do you want to other dental implant prices in Turkey? You can look at this page:


If you are wondering implant brands we used in our dental clinic and their prices, you can look at this page.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are ones of the most preferred and the most common dental solutions in cosmetic dentistry. Do yo want to have beautiful smile and flaunting new teeth?

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers like porcelain veneers, composite veneers are also dental solutions to improve natural teeth’s appearanace in cosmetic dentistry. Do you wonder dental veneers cost?

Smile makeover or Hollywood Smile Treatment

Smile makeover is one of the most popular treatments in Antalya. A lot of people come to Antalya just for smile makeover treatment. Do you wonder how smile makeover is done? 


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or tooth whitening is a professional dental solution that aims to make teeth whiter as it’s name appears. Do you imagine whitened teeth? See how it is done. Click to see: TEETH WHITENING TREATMENT TURKEY

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is one of the dental treatments you can get in dental clinics in Antalya. Do you have uneven smile design?

Is it a Good Idea to Have Dental Treatment in Turkey?

Going to Turkey for dental treatments is one of the best ideas to get dental treatments at affordable prices. Turkey is 5th in dental tourism and well-known for high quality dental services. If you are looking a dental centre abroad, Turkey dental clinics can be good option for you.

  • You do not pay fee in Turkey for inital consultation and some services like CAD/CAM technology, Panoramic X- Ray, medicines etc.

  • Some dental clinics book a hotel for you as per your preference even before you go to Turkey!

  • No hidden cost. It does exactly say what does it says on the box.

  • Dental team in Turkey follows the treatment process and consider your dental care even after you go back to your hometown.

  • Much more affordable prices than UK and Australia.

Are you Undecided about your Dental Treatment and Looking the Best Dental Clinic in Antalya?

Health Centers Turkey has given best dental services including dental implant, dental veneer, hollywood smile treatment since 2012. Health Centers Turkey is a dental centre that located in Istanbul and Antalya. We have done the best for our patients to go back to their homewtown with pleasant experience and the lastest dental technology. With VIP transfer car services and hotel accommodation services, we do everything as per our patients’ preference. If you are looking dental centre or dental clinic in Antalya, Health Centers Turkey is always with you.

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No. When you come to our dental clinic for your dental treatment, you will not meet with any extra cost. If your dental treatment require extra treatment, you will learn in advance. 

Yes. We have a translator that can help you in English, Russian and German languages during the dental treatment process. 

If you booked the hotel, no problem. We provide transportation between your hotel and dental clinic. If you have not booked the hotel yet, we book the hotel for you as soon as you send us flying ticket. 

You can make a payment with debit card or cash. But, please make sure that your debit card has international validity.