Dental Holiday in Turkey

Dental holiday in Turkey are important in health tourism. Thanks to the latest technologies, quality, and less prices many patients coming from foreign countries for their dental treatment in Turkey.

In Turkey, especially since the 1990s, significant investments have been made in public and private health services. As a result of these developments, especially private clinics and hospitals in big cities have started to grow. So that they become to compete with European standards.

Furthermore, our country\’s geographic location has the potential to turn dental care into a vacation. This is one of the most important benefits for patients traveling to Turkey for a dental trip. To help you narrow down your search, let\’s take a look at why you should get dental treatments in Turkey and whether the places of Antalya, Istanbul, Marmaris are good options for your dental holiday.

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Advantages of Turkey in Dental Tourism

Turkey is far superior to many countries in the field of dental tourism. First, let\’s honestly say that dental treatments in Turkey are the veneers same quality as in European countries. Moreover, our country has less costs. The same steps are followed by using high quality materials. So, the fact of the prices increases the patients\’ demands for dental holidays in Turkey. Thanks to dentistry standards, Turkish doctors send back their patients home with extremely successful treatment.

Of course, having dental holiday in Turkey is also an attractive option for vacation and travel. Turkey has always been an amazing country in terms of dental tourism with its natural beauties, historical places, and unique culture. Here is the list of the advantages of Turkey Dental Tourism:

What Kind Of Advantages Turkey Dental Holiday Have?

Short waiting times for the appointments

You can get dental treatment in Turkey quickly and without having to wait for months. It has a shorter waiting time for many medical procedures than Europe, America, and many other countries.

You can communicate in your language

When you come for dental tourism in Turkey, If you only speak your own language, a translator will definitely accompany you. You are also likely to meet with dentists who are often highly trained and fluent in more than one language.

Excellent Customer Services

Because of the competition of health tourism, dental clinics, and hospitals offer their patients excellent services to make a difference. The biggest concern of people who are considering treatment in a different country is after the operation. Dentists and clinical customer services in Turkey guarantee you post operative support. You always have a professional who will answer all your questions in detail before and after the operation. If you are not convinced and need a little more, you can visit our account on Trustpilot.

Treatment with Staff of Specialist

Turkish Dentists use the latest medical practices, especially in the fields of Implants, Surgery, Aesthetics, and Orthodontics. Choose premium dental treatment in Turkey and be sure about doctors.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity of a Wonderful Dental Holiday in Turkey

You have the opportunity to have a holiday in Turkey allseason. Enjoy the beauties and authentic places with different offers.

Turkey in the Top Ten in World Medical Tourism

Turkey is among the top ten countries in the world in medical tourism. Therefore, you can easily access real and accurate information and comments about dental center, doctors and aesthetics dentistry.

Strict Health Regulations

Health regulations in Turkey are well controlled. Clinics and hospitals must certain standards. Otherwise, they cannot work. Therefore, you should know that you will be in good hands.

Quality Service at Less Prices is Your Guarantee

You can have an effective treatment with the latest technology, quality materials, and less prices. Take advantage of the all-inclusive packages offered by the clinics.

In Turkey, your needs such as transportation, accommodation, and food are also included in the dental tourism packages. The offers change to the company you have contracted with. But, remember that, you will always receive the best.

dental holiday in turkey
smiling women in antalya beach

Which City in Turkey Are the Best for Dental Tourism?

In recent years, many people prefer Turkey because of the aesthetic dental treatments low costs. Below you can see the cities for a dental treatment. All the places we serve have international airports and attract more tourists every year than you can imagine. Which city attracts you the most for implants, teeth whitening, laminate veneer etc. in Turkey?

Istanbul Dental Tourism

If you are deal to come Turkey to have a better dental life and a wondeful smile, you can choose Istanbul. In addition to experienced dentists, Istanbul is also home to magnificent structures and tourist spots. You can go to the Dolmabahçe and Topkapı Palaces, the Galata Tower and the important palaces on the banks from the center of the Bosphorus as you carry out your treatment forestswith perfect organization. You can also visit Kapalı Çarşı (bazaar) where every visitor will find authentic gifts. To make this process of your dental health a little more joyful, you can add options to your package, where you can join in the colorful nights of Istanbul.

Marmaris Dental Tourism

If you decide to come to Turkey to have healthy teeth, you can choose a small town, Marmaris. Clinics in Marmaris have a proven track record of excellent dentistry and a trustworthy reputation. It is also important to note that dentists are highly experienced in all aspects of restorative and aesthetic dentistry. You can also turn your dental holiday into a real vacation. You can experience the crazy nightlife with its magnificent beaches with blue flag.

Antalya Dental Tourism

With its hotels, natural beauty, and authentic features, Antalya is also a city full of opportunities for dental tourism. important In recent years, this beautiful city has become one of the favorite places in health tourism. Because Antalya has skilled and talented doctors from all over the world.

With qualified and experienced dentists, you can both get treated and have a holiday in Antalya. What else to say! A truly unique opportunity awaits you, meet the unique beauties of Antalya.

Antalya Dental Tourism Turkey Prices and Packages

We talked about the affordable prices of dental tourism in Turkey before. If you think that we only provide these offers to our Turkish customers, you are wrong. Because we accept patients from all over the world.

We offer accommodation and food needs for our clients from abroad in our luxury hotels and residences. We transfer our customers with our special cars. Thus, you will feel safe with your first step in Antalya.

Dental tourism charges vary from person to person and from the treatment we provide at our clinic in Antalya, Turkey. Our crowns and veneers treatment typically cost between £3500 and £6500.

Full mouth dental implants in Antalya Turkey packages change from 5160£ to 7500£. The quantity and brand of implants, affect these prices. You can find All on 4 Dental Implants holiday offer in our Turkey packages. Our pricing range between £3000 and £3500.

Services That We Provide In Our Clinics

Many different health services are provided to patients in Antalya. The most preferred services in our clinics are:

  1. Cosmetic Dental Filling Procedures
  2. All On 4 Implant Treatment
  3. All On 6 Implant Treatment
  4. Teeth Whitening
  5. Implants
  6. Aesthetic laminate natural beautie
  7. Digital smile design
  8. Smile makeover
  9. Dental prostheses
  10. 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  11. V.I.P Car Transfers prefer
  12. Free Panoramic X-Ray
  13. Free Anestesia
  14. Free Bone Graft
  15. Free Consultation
  16. Free Medicine
  17. Free Istanbul Ship Tour

What tips should you focus on before deciding on your dental treatment and holiday?

  1. Health tourism agencies must be members of TÜRSAB. However, they can operate if they register and obtain an operating permit. Make sure about this before choosing your agencies for your dental holiday.
  2. You should prefer clinics that employ a permanent dentist.
  3. Videos and photos must have been taken in the same places. It is important that the videos, clinic, and before-after photos shown to you are taken in the same place.
  4. The price can influence the treatment, but it should never be decisive.
  5. The health tourism agency you contact must have an international health tourism certificate.

If you’re looking for a great place to get treatment done, we recommend Turkey. We have high-quality materials and services, and our dental holiday prices are very reasonable. You can check our 4.5 Star account on Trustpilot and read all our 5 Star reviews.

We guarantee you the best dental treatment at the best prices. We offer special discounts to all our guests in Antalya, Istanbul, and Marmaris with our dental holiday packages. So, treatment or holiday? Why not both!

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