Dental implant costs in Turkey are one of the most important point for dental implant surgery. While searching for a dental clinic in Turkey, we all know quality and professionalism should be at the forefront, but we can not ignore dental implants cost. If you are worried about the cost of dental implants abroad, we can honestly say the cost of dental implant in Turkey will make you surprise and happy.

Dental implants treatments are so popular treatments in dentistry. When we talk about dental implants, we can mention Single tooth implant, all on 4 dental implants, all on 6 dental implants and Full mouth dental implants. They are applied to the upper jaw and lower jaw. Dental implants in Turkey are one of the most used structures in aesthetic dentistry. There are a lot of reasons to get dental implants; First of all, having missing teeth. If you have missing tooth, the dentist can recommend single tooth implant. Or if your natural teeth is getting to decay, the dentist may recommend all on 4 or all on 6 dental implant treatment by depending on the number of tooth decay. Dental implants are serious dental treatments that should be applied according to patient’s need.

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A Dental Implants Cost Comparison between Turkey and United Kingdom

Which dental clinic you would like to go to, dental implant costs are variable depending on the dental implant brand and crown material used. With no further ado, know this information in advance; You will save money 70% more in Turkey compared with the United Kingdom. The reason is that most procedures of dental services you pay for in the United Kingdom are free in Turkey. What are those dental procedures? Let’s dive in…

Initial Examination or Consultation Before Dental Treatment​

All dental centres all around the world should check your mouth and know some information about you such as your medical history, and whether you experienced dental treatment or not. Those are routine dental implant procedures. While you pay some fees for the initial examination, you will not pay fees in Turkey. This is one of the most effective reasons for dental implant costs in Turkey.

Panoramic X- Ray and CT

Panoramic X-Ray and CT are necessary devices in dentistries. Dentists probably use those devices before dental implant treatment. Panoramic X- Ray and CT are important devices to determine patient’s chronic dental illnesses, tumor or any dental diseases. What were we talking about by the way ? Yes, you pay some fees for those pretty devices in the United Kingdom. What about Turkey ? Do not even look like you are paying any fees for those in Turkey. Dental clinics in Turkey will not take any fee from you related to Panoramic X-Ray and CT.


The abutment is the connector between artificial tooth and dental implant. Which abutment the dentist select for your dental implants, you will pay some fee for the abutment. In Turkey, there is no question of paying fee for abutment.

Only Pay Fee For Dental Implant placement and Dental Crowns

Compared with the United Kingdom and other countries, medical tourists do not pay fee for all dental procedures. If you would like to done dental implants in Turkey, please remember you will pay fee only for dental crowns and dental implants placement. If needed, you can make extra payment for sinus lift and bone graft, but so much more at affordable prices!

How Much Turkey Cost Dental Implants With Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting?

Top-grade dental implant procedures may be required to create implant site for implant placement. It is possible to find dental centre which you can pay extra fee for bone treatment.

Dental Implant Surgery with Bone grafts

Bone Graft is a procedure applied when some patients may not have enough strong bone tissue for dental implant placement. In general, it is needed after the tooth extraction. After the dentist create a sufficient bone, implant are placed. With the help of simulation software, it is possible to see bone deficiencies.

The Short Procedures of Dental Implant Treatments

Yes, we said ” short procedures” because we do not wanna bore you with long paragraphs. But if you would like to read procedures in detail, there is an article named Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey.
Dental implants are structures that implanted to the upper jaw and lower jaw. They are artificial teeth and acts like crowns, bridges and dentures. They also help to stop and prevent jaw bone loss.

How Are Implants Placed ?

Implant surgery is performed under the local anesthesia in general. If needed, the dentist can require general anesthesia in case the patient has dental phobia. During this dental surgery, yo will not feel any pain. Later, you may experience a little bit pain in your mouth, but you will solve this problem with painkillers and antibiotics that the dentists prescribed.

How Long Do You Need To Take Dental Implants ?

You will need 2 days for each visit. But, you will come twice for dental work. After you get dental implants, we will wait recovery time that are 3-4 months. When you come to the clinic again, the dentist will remove temporary dentures and place permanent teeth. In this healing period, living with temporary dentures can be challenging for people. We highly recommend you take care of your diet and eat soft foods.

Done Dental Implants in Turkey

Turkey host not only local patients but a wide range of international patients as well. From full mouth implants to root canal treatment, it is highly possible to find a treatment plan you need. 100.000 international patients prefer to done their dental treatments in Turkey due to the dental implant in Turkey cost. You can find any implant dentistry in any city of Turkey, most notably in Antalya and Istanbul.

Are You Searching for High Quality Dental Implants in Turkey ?

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