Anyone who wants to have a great smile is now trying to find the best dental clinic for them by searching “how much is a full set of veneers cost in Turkey” first. A full set of dental veneers from Turkey will cost up to 70% less than in the UK, including hotel, transfers, and treatment. In most clinics, a full set of veneers cost between £2500 and £4700. Customers can put the money they save on teeth veneers into enjoying their trip in Turkey even more. In today’s society, dental tourism is more popular than ever. Increased demand for a perfect smile at a lower cost has fueled the expansion of dental tourism and cosmetic dental procedures. We provide our patients with the best cosmetic dentistry service.

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Veneers – Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Surgery

Turkey veneers cosmetic dental treatment are a part of cosmetic dentistry and one of the most common ways to fix uneven teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. To achieve a beautiful and even smile line, artificial crowns are placed on the natural teeth (existing teeth) . Those considering dental veneers treatment may have a question about how much a full set of veneers will cost. In this article, we will discuss how much a full set of veneers costs.

How to take good pictures for an online consultation?

Before considering this cosmetic procedure, take pictures of your smile from 5 different angles so we know how many teeth are showing. (photos of your open mouth upper and lower jaws and your closed bite check (closed, individually). Patients can also send us X-rays of their smiles.

How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

We could provide you with an idea of the price for a full set of dental veneers; we propose zirconium or e-max veneers as these are the most popular and effective solutions for patients who want to have a smile makeover. For dental treatments costing more than 3000 pounds or 3500 euros, we provide free accommodation.

Metal-based porcelain crowns/veneers, zirconium porcelain crowns/veneers, and E.max porcelain crowns/veneers are all alternatives to cosmetic dentistry for our patients.

For patients who want a Hollywood smile makeover, we recommend zirconium porcelain crowns/veneers. Zirconium is nearly ideal for all people who do not have large gaps in their teeth. Dental implant treatment is best for this and we recommend dental implants for large gaps. You can also read our article about dental implants here.

E-max has a more natural appearance, and the patient should not have any gaps, rotting teeth, or root canals. These phrases are required since E-max indicates the true state of the patient’s teeth.

Full Set Veneers Price in Turkey

Full Set Zirconium Veneers prices are (10 Upper 10 Bottom Crown) 2300£, 2750€, or 3250$.
Full Set Laminate Veneers prices are (10 Upper 10 Bottom Crown) £3500, €4200, or $4800 per tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Full Set Porcelain veneers in Turkey have the same function as composite veneers. They are, however, made in a laboratory. Porcelain veneers are a bit like fake nails in that they are designed to measure and cemented on the tooth surface. The complete treatment requires two appointments: one to prepare the tooth and to make the assumption that it will be used to render the veneer in the lab, and the other to cement the veneer on the tooth. More detailed information please visit Porcelain Crown page.

Porcelain veneers price ranges from £90 in Istanbul and £150 in Antalya Turkey.

Laminate Veneers Turkey

LAMINATE VENEERS TURKEY The prettiest thing anyone can wear is a perfect smile. The restoration of aesthetic anterior teeth has always been a problem, involving

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E Max Porcelain Veneers

The most advanced teeth veneers in the world are E-Max veneers. E-max is commonly favored by people who look for natural looks. E-max veneers are manufactured with a ceramic and transparent coating that provides perfect white teeth. You might think E-max veneers are fragile, but they are far more durable than other veneers. However, patients who want a perfectly white and brilliant smile as in Hollywood smile style should go for zirconium veneers. Patients who have had root canal treatments or have gaps between their teeth are not eligible for e-max veneers. E-max Porcelain Veneers price is £150 in Istanbul and £180 in Antalya Turkey.

Zirconium Porcelain Veneers

Zirconium Veneers Turkey is the most common option among patients worldwide. Any flaw of your own teeth could be concealed by zirconium, and they could offer a pure straight white smile. We highly recommend zirconium veneers, especially if the patient has chipped teeth or gaps. Our medical clinics always use high-quality materials, devices, and advanced technology to provide the best treatment. If you want more information here.

Zirconium Veneers price is £130 in Istanbul and £150 Antalya Turkey.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are made by the cosmetic dentist right on the premises and applied directly to the teeth. A single appointment is all that is required for this treatment, which will bring back your perfect smile and conceal any imperfections for a more aesthetic look. If you want to lear more information about composite veneers abroad please visit this page.

Composite Veneer price is 80£ in Istanbul and £130 in Antalya / Turkey.

Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneer are a conservative alternative to full coverage restorations for improving the appearance of anterior teeth with high-quality materials and have evolved over the last several decades to become aesthetic dentistry\’s most popular restoration. Alongside, e-max laminate veneer treatment is one of the most esthetically pleasing solutions for smile design since porcelain can be layered on it, producing incredible texture and a very realistic looking tooth that matches your natural teeth. Porcelain Laminate Veneers attach to your teeth through a special process of Tooth Bonding, through which a dental composite-tooth-enamel bond is created, which is a strong dental bond. This process adheres to the Porcelain Laminate Veneers to the Tooth Enamel with a resilient and long-lasting result. Follow this link and get more information about laminate veneers turkey package deals.

Laminate Veneers price is £175 in Istanbul and £225 in Antalya Turkey.

Should I have zirconium, ceramic veneers, or e-max porcelain veneers?

What is Zirconia Veneers ?

Zirconium, which is a common treatment method applied as a porcelain coating; is often preferred in veneering treatment, which is classified as both metal-supported and non-metal-supported. Zirconium is used instead of gray metal, which plays the role of infrastructure in classical porcelain bridge and prosthesis treatments, and has a more aesthetic appearance since it has a white alloy. For this reason, zirconium treatment is applied when it is needed for aesthetic purposes and in cases where the desired whitening cannot be achieved with teeth whitening applications. In addition, zirconium treatment can be used in other structural disorders. Zirconium veneer treatment can be preferred for bridges and teeth veneers for posterior teeth and implant-supported prostheses for anterior teeth.

E-Max Veneers Treatment Roadmap

Emax method, which differs from other dental veneer applications at certain points, is often preferred for aesthetic concerns in addition to health problems. The E-max veneer method is frequently used to make the front incisors look smooth and bright. From this point of view, it can be said that the Emax dental veneer treatment is applied to patient natural tooth who have more deformities and aesthetic discomfort than teeth that have lost their health. Since Emax veneer does not have as high durability as other tooth veneer methods, it is generally not used on the teeth at the back of the mouth.

Do you have a Turkey veneers package deal?

We do offer free accommodation for our patients if the total expenditure is more than 3000 pounds and free accommodation (only for the patient) + transfer between airport, hotel, and the clinic if the total expenditure is more than 3500 pounds. Also, the patients who already have flight tickets and with a total cost of over 5000 pounds will be hosted at The Marmara Hotel (VIP). If you have questions and need more information, you can contact your consultant.

How long does it take to have dental veneers in Turkey?

The laboratory production stages of laminated teeth take 2-3 days, but with the smile design and detailed preliminary studies, this period should be considered as about 1 week. After 1 week after tooth cutting and impression session, it basically takes 1-2 hours. After the veneers procedure, you should maintain your good oral hygiene.

When could you visit Turkey for Dental Travel after COVID-19 Pandemic?

Turkey was removed from the UK\’s Red List in the August Amber List update. Patients who had received vaccines were exempt from quarantine upon their return to the UK (Only Require day 2 test). Patients who have not had any vaccinations may be required to stay at home for 10 days unless they have a negative day 5 test.

Do You Have Cad Cam Technology and 3D Scan?

Yes, we have a CAD/CAM system, and we scan your mouth with a 3D Teeth Scan, after which we process all dental veneers in the lab using CAD/CAM to provide the best possible outcomes. To find out more about our dental clinic, please visit our dental clinic page. We work with the best dental technicians in our clinics in order to provide you with safe and painless treatment. If you only need a few dental veneers, we could measure your teeth in a few hours. Full mouth veneers, on the other hand, take approximately 2-3 days to complete. You will have your temporary veneers, which are provided free of charge by us, for that time period.

Do you have any hidden costs or Extra Payments ?

You must be wondering why veneers are cheaper in Turkey and if we will charge you extra. No, we don’t have any hidden expenses, there’s no trick on our rates, we’re not going to charge you for anything else.

We offer a free quote for our patients which includes Panoramic X-Ray, 3D Tomography, Cephalometric Radiography, Oral and specialist Examination.

We also do not ask for any dental products, clinical costs, dental fees, or injections.

The above charges are all-inclusive for the completion of your dental procedure.

Free Services We Offer

We’d like to assume responsibility for you right from the beginning of your adventure until the end.

We’ll be waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel or dental centre.

To ensure a stress-free dental treatment experience and dental services, we will transport you to your lodging and provide free return pick-up services for every dental visit in our clinic.

Our patient coordinators will handle all of your transfers, and you will always have someone with you who speaks English with you.Our assistant services and transfers are free.

About Warranty

We have no worries about the warranty. If you have any problems when you return home, you are free to return to Turkey for dental care, we will pay all of your expenses. Besides, all dental implants have a lifetime guarantee. For all situations, dental veneers have a ten-year guarantee.

Temporary Teeth

After the process of shaving down the teeth is done by your cosmetic dentist, the patient’s teeth will be extremely sensitive; nevertheless, the patient will be able to continue living his or her normal life with temporary teeth. Veneers are not the same colour or shape as temporary teeth.

How many days are needed for getting dental veneers in Turkey?

The procedure for dental veneers cosmetic dentistry takes no more than 5 days. You will get your perfect smile in a very short time period. The operation begins with the teeth being shaved down. It will only take an hour and will be completely painless. The patient’s temporary teeth will be ready in 3-4 hours, and the lab will begin producing new veneers. The patient’s veneers will be ready in 48 hours. The patient’s trial will begin after 48 hours, and the dental treatment will be completed in four days with the final touches. Patients should spend at least 5 days in Turkey before receiving veneers for safety reasons.

Where are your dental clinics?

Our best clinics are located in Antalya & Istanbul with the best dental team. They are close to the airport and city center where you can find dozens of wonderful places to visit. We provide better or equal dental treatment services as your local clinic and local dentist on your dental veneer procedure.

Turkey is a stable and welcoming country, and the Antalya & Istanbul region is particularly well-known and popular for tourism. Today, Antalya is Mediterranean Turkey’s tourist capital. It is rich in attractions and historical sites, in addition to a very lovely and pleasant climate and a gentle sea.

As a part of dental treatment, we will select the most appropriate and high-quality hotel for our international patients among Antalya’s most pleasant hotels and reserve a room for you. All of our patients are treated like guests, and we do not charge extra for our services. You can ask us any questions about tooth disorders and your requirements using our website’s online chat-box, WhatsApp button, or contact form. Our dentists will examine your request, offer recommendations for essential dental treatments, and provide you with an estimate of the overall cost.