Full Mouth Restoration Turkey (it is also called FMR) has a very good potential for mouth restoration to make it more healthy and also make your outlook good. Full Mount Restoration is considered as the most complex and almost the most difficult operation in dentistry but it can completely change your mouth health in a good way. If you want a visually appealing mouth appearance then it’s a very good way to take. In addition to eliminating the imperfections and enhancing your oral health, it offers a wonderful appearance in which you can adjust the size and colour of the teeth as desired. Lots of people care about their teeth’s view. After you get an FMR, you will be able to smile as you like. If you make searching on the internet you will find a lot of dentists experienced and low-cost dental clinics in the world. Either you want your mouth to be more healthy or you just want a better appearance, Full Mouth Restoration Turkey is getting better for these procedures.

What Dental Reconstruction Usually Entails?

The set of cosmetic procedures used in the full-mouth reconstruction is performed to accomplish a number of objectives including the treatment of oral diseases, the replacement of worn-out dental work, the treatment of gum and jawbone injury, improperly seated jaw joints and defective bites, the restoration of damaged teeth and the replacement of missing teeth and many other purpose and benefits.

Full-mouth dental reconstruction also takes into consideration the relationship between your upper and lower teeth, especially the occlusion of how these teeth work together with your jaw joints. The human mouth that works safely relies on all these processes working together in complete harmony. If any or more of them are impaired, your oral health will be affected.

Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction Procedures

Dental Implants

Through this procedure, your surgeon will place human-made tooth roots to support new tooth-shaped crowns. If you need a full-mouth dental reconstruction, your doctor can suggest adding a full-bodied dental arch to the implants instead of the individual crowns. For certain patients, this “full arch” procedure may be used with as few as four implants.

A single crown and a complete arch approach will restore the functioning and appearance of your teeth. Implants also have the advantage of avoiding bone resorption: bone erosion, which can cause wide gaps in the area of missing teeth. If you\’ve already lost a substantial amount of bone, our practice can use bone grafting to reverse these effects.


Unlike dental implants that are permanently attached, dentures are complete arches of man-made upper and lower teeth that can be removed from your mouth. Upper dentures stay in place with a special denture adhesive. Lower dentures are attached to two implants in the lower jaw. Full-mouth dental reconstruction patients can opt for dentures because of the benefits they provide. They tend to be more affordable and take less time to produce and place than dental implants. They may not, however, have the full flexibility and natural feel of dental implants and do not prevent bone resorption.

Crowns, Bridges, and Porcelain Veneers

Some of the patients we treat in our clinic who need full-bodied dental restoration have a combination of concerns. They may have missing teeth, fractured teeth, and a few interspersed teeth that are still in
good health. In response, Health Centers Turkey may suggest a series of esthetic treatments:

  • Dental crowns are caps that go over broken or damaged teeth to restore their appearance, feel, and function.
  • Bridges replace missing teeth with a set of interconnected crowns. The crowns on the ends connect to healthy teeth or implants and bridge the distance between them with a false tooth.
  • If only the front surface of a tooth is damaged or if the tooth is misaligned or discoloured, a porcelain veneer might be a good choice. This man-made shell replaces the front of your tooth, matching the colour and shape of the adjacent teeth.

Gum Grafting and Teeth Whitening

If you find that some of your teeth look longer than others, you might be in a gum recession. Over time, this condition will cause damage to your teeth and eventually lead to loss of teeth. Gum grafting will cover the exposed tooth root and restore the aesthetics of your smile. Staining is another problem that may affect the appearance of your teeth. To make your smile pearly white and healthy Health Centers Turkey offers advanced whitening systems both at home and in-office.

How Full-Mouth Restoration Is Made?

Before FMR starts, it is very important to know exactly why do you want these operations. Because in some conditions there is no turning back because once the natural tooth or teeth are removed, it can not be replaced. So the whole consideration has to be discussed and then make the last decision.

  1. It should be discussed first and foremost due to its importance. The “health”. If you have a toothache, cavity or other dental problems, they can cause pain. Also, it’s very common that some headaches are related to the absence of dental health. This is very important because when dental health-related pains occur, it can affect your daily work, and also your social life.
  2. Teeth are an essential part of the digestive system, so its health is really important. If you have an eating problem related to the absence of mouth health, you have to make a decision about having the treatment. so it can give you a better life quality.
  3. In the conclusion of an accident, your teeth might get damaged or lost. As a result of this, it may affect your appearance. If you want to change that look, you should have tooth restoring. By doing that you can continue your life better.
  4. You may also want to reconstruct your teeth just by aesthetic consideration. Such as crook structure or crowded style of teeth. These types of structural problems may be the reason for irritation. So the best solution for these problems is having Full-Mouth Restoration in Turkey.
  5. Advanced technology in Turkey offers you the perfect oral look and health. There were using metal brackets to make all teeth in order but in the last couple of years, there is a new way to make teeth in order. This is called ‘Invisalign’. They are transparent aligners which don’t need to use metal braces and also not need to integrate any extradition to your mouth. This can be your solution to have straight teeth.
  6. The other specific problems such as dental filling for eroded teeth, root canals, implants or oral surgery etc.

After choosing what type of problem you have, you can have that treatment process to make your life more productive. Your doctors will guide you to choose which treatment do you need. It has to be well planned because in some cases you shouldn’t have the treatment that you do not need to. Teeth health is almost the most important health kind besides other health issues so we offer Full mouth dental implants Turkey options. If you are searching for experienced doctors and really good travel options, Turkey will be the best choice for you. Click here and see all premium dentists in Antalya, contact them and make an online booking quickly.

How will the full-mouth implants be placed?

First, implants will be placed which look like screws or cylinders, in your jaw. Then the implants and the bone are allowed to bond together in the next two to six months to form anchors for your artificial teeth. A temporary teeth replacement option may be worn over the implant sites during this time. A second step of the procedure is often required to uncover the implants and attach extensions. These temporary healing caps complete the foundation on which your new teeth will be placed together with various connecting devices that allow multiple crowns to attach to the implants. After this procedure, your gums are allowed to heal for a few weeks.

There are some (one-stage) implant systems that don’t require this second step. These systems use an implant that has the extension piece already attached. Your periodontist will give you advice on what system is best for you. The connecting device that holds your new teeth can be tightened down on the implant depending on the number of implants placed.

In the end, full bridges or full dentures will be created for you and attached to tiny abutments or the connecting device. You will experience restored confidence in your smile after a short time, and your ability to chew and speak. Every case is different, and when conditions allow, some of those steps can be combined. Your dental practitioner will work with you to establish the best treatment.

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Dentist curing operating patient, caries, decay, making veneers, filling teeth. Stomatology concept

When Is Full-Mouth Dental Reconstruction Recommended?

Full-mouth restoration involves restoring the teeth, restoring the bite, and restoring the muscle so that you’ll end up with a natural-looking smile, a youthful-feeling condition, and major cosmetic changes to the shape of your face and jaw, among many other benefits.

It is marked by how much more comprehensive and costly it is compared to other procedures. In fact, it typically requires the use of several cosmetic procedures at the same time, from dental implantation to dental bridge and lines of false teeth.

Does full mouth reconstruction hurt?

With modern dental anaesthetics and sedation, there won’t be any painful dental procedure. For your comfort, your dentist will recommend the appropriate level of medication. Some patients experience short-term oral discomfort after a procedure. Your dentist may suggest that you take over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers after treatment for your convenience

How long will full mouth reconstruction last?

The longevity of treatment outcomes will depend heavily on your oral health, overall health, oral hygiene, and compliance with your doctor’s instructions. Dental materials are a factor as well. Porcelain veneers, for example, may last two decades or more; dental bonding to correct the same problem may only last five to ten years.

Possible Concerns

Younger patients tend to respond more easily to treatments and recover quickly, although this is not always the case. However, in general, the older the patient, the greater the risk involved in any medical or dental procedure. As a result, treatment plans for older patients may involve less invasive procedures. For example, patients over 80 years of age may fare better with mini dental implants than with traditional dental implants.

In addition, patients with heart problems and those with certain autoimmune diseases may require special consideration before full-bodied reconstruction. During your initial consultation, be sure to provide your dentist with a complete and thorough history of your health, as well as an up-to-date list of medications you are taking.

Patients who can not or will not maintain good oral health and those who take illegal drugs may not experience long-term results from dental treatment. Smoking or heavy alcohol consumption can also compromise oral health and the effects of full-bodied recovery.