Discoloration treatment can be described as; the process of laser treatment that used to eliminate the brown or yellow discoloration on the teeth which causes a reduction in oral hygiene as well as the appeal of teeth overall. Although these yellowish spots are quite widespread, people can often eliminate or prevent them completely by applying certain changes in their lives or seeking treatment.

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Possible Causes of Discoloration

The discoloration is often based on many large quantities of factors that combination of them leads to dark spots on teeth. Moreover, these discolorations might be an indication of gum disease which can be vital to oral hygiene and overall health.

Smoking and usage of tobacco

Particles contained in tobacco products can therefore stick to the pores in tooth enamel. These Particles can accumulate and discoloration in teeth with repeated and repeated use. The stains that get darker over time become very difficult to remove with the effect of smoking and chewing.

The dye in Food and Drinks

Dark foods and beverages usually contain chemicals that are not harmful to the body, but chemicals such as tannic acid, as with red wine, can stain tooth enamel. If dental hygiene is insufficient, these discolorations can become permanent over time.

Although it is not harmful to the body, foods, and beverages containing artificial colors and dyes can cause discoloration respectively.

Bacteria and Tartar

There over a thousand bacteria in a mouth which is non-lethal to the body to a certain level. In order to control these, brushing and flossing are required. And if it fails, bacteria eventually turns into plaque and tartar. In this case, oral hygiene will drop significantly and leads eventually dark spots in teeth or even worse gum disease.

Gum contouring
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Decay in teeth

Plaque and tartar are feed from sugar and process these sugar into acids which required to split the foods. However, these acids if it is not controlled enough may lead to a lethal rot in teeth which again leads to gum disease. But before that discoloration might be quite more visible. As in any other case, diabetes may be a key factor to trigger discoloration and gum disease. People who have diabetes will have to struggle to maintain good oral hygiene. Moreover, diabetes is a game-changing factor in bacteria formation.

Aging and Genetic factors

As senility develops, the yellow dentin segments under the white enamel gradually deteriorate. This inevitable process can lead to yellowish spots turning into large ones and eventually discoloration. As in everything else, teeth color may vary according to genetic factors as well as strength in tissues in gums.

Other Diseases

Other diseases such as Enamel hyperplasia, Celiac disease, and Fluorous may also worth checking to eliminate any gum disease. Your dentist may inform you about ongoing any dental problem you have encountered so far.

Prevention of Discoloration

In order to maintain good oral hygiene, you can try to keep your teeth clean as possible by brushing them regularly and contact your dental hygienist to remove plaque from your teeth. Another option is a mouthwash that contains whitening components and regular usage of fluoride-based mouthwash. However, at that point, no matter how hard you maintain dental hygiene, smoking will eventually reduce not only overall health but also dental hygiene in huge amounts. So you should quit before any further prevention.

Certain foods can strengthen teeth and protect enamel and avert discoloration. The rich fibers not only avoid bacterial growth on the teeth but can also help eliminate plaque. These foods may be listed as follows; leafy vegetables, green products, spinach, cheese, and fermented yogurts.

Treatment of Discoloration

Gum disease is a condition that can be treated and prevented, and the ideal way of treatment is to provide dental hygiene, but in some cases, additional procedures and medical interventions may be required. Rather than direct intervention, in most cases, prevention which we mentioned above is recommended by a dental hygienist. As for the treatments, they can vary from case to case and often ranged between a simple cleaning to direct intervention.

Personal Care

You are probably your best dentist out there, so before contacting any dentist, you may help yourself to maintain dental hygiene. The ideal way to deal with that is a simple mouthwash. What is needed are antiseptic mouthwashes with Chlorhexidine or hexetidine, which are available from pharmacies without a prescription. Despite this, mouthwashes cannot remove preformed plaques. This can only be achieved through normal brushing and flossing.

Professional Care

If brushing cannot avert conditions such as discoloration, gum disease and plaque, the optimum option for the person is to visit a dentist. A dentist or dental hygienist can scrape or rub plaque from gums because of the tools they have. Also, minor procedures can also be used by a dentist to protect against further rot as well as whiten teeth.

Debridement of Root

Another method of root planing might be a necessity in certain situations. This deepening treatment is intended for the gums, destroying the bacteria in the roots of the teeth. However, local anesthesia may be required to avoid pain in this procedure.

Further procedures and aftermath

If your condition has become serious, you may need periodontal surgery, known as the most advanced treatment, because in certain cases the decayed root is irreversible and needs to be removed. But of course, your dentist will decide any counter measures to according to the necessary procedures. T

The aftermath of initial process can be quite painful due to certain surgeries or total root planing. This is way you should keep using painkillers and antibiotics that your doctor recommended.

Root Planing in Turkey

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