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Hollywood smile Turkey is one of the most used cosmetic dentistry procedures. There are a wide range of people looking for cosmetic dentistry for hollywood smile in Turkey. It is pretty popular cosmetic dentistry term for both international patients and clinics in Turkey.

There is a reason why the smile people always dreaming of is called Hollywood. It refers to the cinema factory of the 40s of the last century when American actors used to glue white plates to their teeth. The materials of those times had just a few hours of effect for teeth whitening.

Nowadays, the technology of installing veneers is on the top standard, crowding out the traditional methods of dental reconstruction. If you have any questions about Hollywood smile in Turkey, please contact us via Whatsapp, phone call and mail and if you would like, we can prepare a treatment plan for you. Easy and fast.

What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile also known as Smile Makeover process is a cosmetic solution for smile design such as teeth whitening, shaping and coloring which is applied to the front teeth, in general. Perfect Hollywood Smile correct all dental problem related to your smile like a missing tooth, damaged teeth or broken teeth. Since these kind of situations lower your self esteem, smile makeover makes you smile confidently.

Besides, getting Hollywood Smile includes many other cosmetic dentistry procedures to obtain the perfect smile such as dental crowns, dental veneers (laminate or porcelain veneers), dental implants, dental bridges, teeth whitening, changing and aligning the gum margins, teeth removal and root canals.

If you need detailed information about other treatments, you can contact us via WhatsApp, mail, or phone call.

What is the Purpose of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

The main purpose of the Hollywood Smile is to provide oral health for the patient’s teeth while giving them a perfectly bright smile. Hollywood Smile operation is mostly preferred by people who makes an appearance on TV or any other social platforms too much. Like, Hollywood stars, influencers, journalists, anchormans, modals, actors and actresses. Since visually imperfect smiles have a big impact on this kind of businesses, Hollywood Smile Makeover can provide more healthy teeth with a more beautiful smile for this kind of purposes.

Dental Care After Hollywood Smile Turkey

After getting hollywood smile turkey treatment, taking care of oral hygiene and dental care provide you use them longer. According to the material used, you should take attention of your oral hygiene and follow the diet rules if dentist recommends

How much does it cost to do a Hollywood smile in Turkey?

Hollywood Smile Turkey costs 3500 Euro including hotel accommodation and VIP transfers. Do not forget to keep in mind that this price refers to an average price, so if you want to get a free quote you can send us your x-rays and photos of your mouth via Whatsapp or you can fill the form from our website. So that, we can determine an estimated price for your Hollywood Smile cost.

If you need further information about Hollywood smile Turkey cost, please remember you can get keep in touch with us via WhatsApp, phone call or mail. Contact us now and reach your new smile with us!

Have You Ever Heard About Hollywood Smile Package Deals?

The average price for Hollywood Smile Packages starts from 3000£ and goes up to 5000£. This price range is actually unbeatably very cheap compared to other regions such as the UK, the USA and etc.

Package deals related to treatments are so popular among both international patient and dental clinics in Turkey. If you need further information, you can look at our package deals price list.

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Why Are Dental Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

There are four major reasons to understand why getting teeth treatment in Turkey such as dental implants, hollywood teeth, teeth whitening process, and etc. are so cheap, unlike your homeland.

  1. Dental clinics in Turkey have low-cost expenses.

  2. Dental centre Turkey is lack of third-party charges.

  3. Low-cost amount of dental travel expenses for international patients.

  4. Last but not least, currency advantage for European countries, the USA, and the UK. The exchange of the euro, dollar, etc. with the Turkish lira affects the prices.

With the low cost of Turkey Hollywood smile, reaching new smile flaunting is so close to you!v

Why Are Prices Different in Turkey Hollywood Smile?

First of all, according to the treatment options, the prices will vary. Because every patient’s dental treatment procedure is likely to be different from yours. Secondly, the materials and brands used in the treatment will definitely affect the prices. Such as the dental implant which plays the role of artificial root, dental crown prices changes according to the brands. Last but not least, the competition between dental clinics in Turkey also has a big influence on the prices.

Which Materials Are Used in Turkey Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile Makeover is often made of porcelain dental veneers. It consists of a thin layer of porcelain that the dentist places on the surface of the tooth enamel. Hollywood Smile procedure takes 2 parts; the doctor will check the teeth in the first session. Sometimes a digital smile makeover app is used so that dentists can develop a beauty plan for you.

After that, the dentist may take impressions of your teeth to make porcelain laminate veneers. He sends the impressions to the lab so that the models can be created. this process is going to take at least 1 week, and the doctor may call you for your second appointment. Your doctor will continue to apply the materials during your second visit. But before doing that, he will clean the surface and trim part of the enamel. Dentists do this for some reason. It’s about making room for laminate veneers in porcelain and having a rough surface to position the porcelain veneers. This means that the coating remains in its place for a long time.

The dentist does this, later a custom material being adhesive is added to the veneers to bind them together with the teeth. And then, he just trims the excess, so the teeth appear normal. This is a substantial step because the veneers must fit straight into your mouth. The dentist can also ask you to make other appointments after the application to ensure everything works well for your Hollywood Smile treatment.

Hollywood Smile Veneers

If you do not like how your teeth look like, or you are not happy with the color of your teeth dental smile veneers can be your solution. Because, Hollywood Smile procedure can be done by using dental veneers.

A custom made white teeth which are made of dental veneers are placed to your normal teeth while covering surface of your tooth. All your visible teeth will be pearly bright after getting dental veneers. If you suffer from a yellow teeth sendrome, then veneers can make your teeth whiter than its original form.

Hollywood Smile With Zirconia Dental Crowns

Unlike veneers, dental crowns cover your entire tooth which provides a better white teeth apperance. Dental crown bonds with your teeth and makes the whole smile process much stronger. To cover up the unwanted yellow teeths

Why Should You Get Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most popular cities s with extensive know-how in cosmetic dentistry and surgery from dental implant treatment to Hollywood teeth whitening. Besides, having an operation in Turkey is straightforward, secure, and highly affordable. In western European and North American countries, dental products such as veneers, dental implant and crowns are extraordinarily expensive. In Turkey, We can get you products of the same high quality at a far more affordable rate. We also reduce costs by designing products in our own laboratory and minimizing the number of visits required. So why not get your long lasting Hollywood Smile treatment plan and get rid of smile imperfections and dental problems now? 

By the way, if you wonder why you get any dental treatments in Turkey, you can look at our article ” Dental Holiday in Turkey ”.

Are you Looking for a Cosmetic Dentistry for Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Health Centers Turkey is the best option for perfect Hollywood Smile in Turkey. Health Centers Turkey provides affordable Hollywood Smile cost in a well equipped dental clinic and with an experienced dental team. If you suffer from missing teeth or any other dental issues and want dental implants or other different treatments let our talented medical team and dental staff guide you in your Hollywood Smile procedure and dental care as well.

Moreover, since 2012, we have successfully brought patients from many countries such as England, America, Australia, France and Germany to Turkey in terms of dental tourism. Instead of just getting a dental treatment in Turkey or having a holiday in Turkey we thought why not put both at your service instead of just picking one option? So, here we offer you the opportunity to have an unbelievably perfect holiday, as well as the option of getting quality dental care and treatment in Turkey.

For the bright smile and teeth that you deserve, please contact us and regain your self confidence with a beautiful smile!

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