Restoration of an inlay mainly consists of composite materials, tooth-colored porcelain or gold. Former ones are chiefly preferred due to the resemblance of the natural teeth. Professional laboratories take over the production of a porcelain inlay and their dentist makes sure that it is well cemented into the teeth permanently.

Inlays and Onlays can be used to reconstruct the teeth which are damaged severely either trauma or decay that have left huge defective fillings. Compared to traditional porcelain and gold fillings, inlays are another optimum option. Moreover, due to the removal of significantly less tooth, it is rather moderate than crownsJust like almost all restorations, inlays might be temporary and replacement needs to be required someday. However, inlays or onlays which will give you the lovely everlasting smile, surely will last years and there is no setback in durability


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Be sure to kick back and relax in the fact that not only inlay but also onlay is always an alternative to gold or silver ones that are not necessarily the best natural-looking ones.

Dental inlays and Onlays which resemble natural teeth restore and adjust an existing tooth that is over damaged to hold the filling of a tooth yet in a level that doesn’t need a crown. Whilst it protects the chewing surface, in the meantime, onlays repair fractured cusps

Not only dental inlay but also Onlay is designed to fix the tooth’s surface of chew and other cases, repair teeth with alternative restoration choices: the dental crown which covers a huge portion of the tooth, and the dental filling which is used to fill a hole in the tooth.

Dental Onlay Restorations

On some occasions, a tooth can be too damaged to support a filling yet not enough for a dental crown, then you might end up in the middle. It will remove the tooth structure severely when unnecessarily covering a damaged tooth with a crown. However, dental fillings in huge amounts might weaken the remaining parts of the structure, leading to the fraction of the tooth and eventually causing a root canal operation.

When you’re faced with the choice between a large tooth filling or a dental crown, do you save money now and risk major dental problems down the line or undergo possibly an unwanted dental treatment?

The risks of cheap tooth filling or a dental crown in huge amounts are surely the reason behind the major dental problems or even unwanted dental operations. Are you willing to undergo such major problems and operations in vain?

The solution to your problems is clearly dental Onlays. The gap between the dental filling and dental crown is filled by Onlay. Without using a crown, just like inlays, onlays repair huge gaps in the tooth.

What Is the Difference between Fillings, Inlays and Onlays?

Most people are surely familiar with the process of filling and do it so at least once, they might be unaware of other forms of filling when they need it. Besides conventional fillings, there is inlay and onlay dental. It is quite normal to wonder about the difference between them and the likelihood of usage.

In addition to silver-colored amalgam ones, fillings are ideal for reconstructing small to medium-sized cavities, and we can provide you with tooth-colored composite resin ones that will repair your teeth in a wear-resistant and almost invisible way these days. With the advent of stronger and newer materials, even the back teeth, which are exposed to a lot of wear and tear during chewing, can be repaired respectively. One of the advantages of resin filling is that it has minimal preparation by our dentist in Watton before the removal of only the damaged part. In amalgam resin it is quite an obligation to abolish nearly all the structure of the tooth. Moreover, due to the filling bond’s well-natural structure, they will keep out bacteria by sealing tightly to the tooth.

In a place where the traditional fillings are not strong enough, there are dental inlays that are intended to reconstruct the chewing surface of the back of the tooth and repair huge cavities. These surfaces are intended to produce huge cavities which contain fissures that are quite deep, and they can keep plaque and food. In order for your inlays to be handcrafted from porcelain or gold, our dentist at Watton will take a detailed measurement of the tooth and afterward will need to carefully prepare it to be sent to our dental laboratory. In addition to that, as an alternative, you can wait using brand-new CAD/CAM technology whilst all the procedure works efficiently. It is a bit different from conventional methods because a simple scanning will transform the information into not only a new inlay design but also onlay design that is milled by our new advanced CEREC milling machine that able to carve an entire solid block of porcelain.

There is almost no difference between an onlay and inlay except the onlay is a bit larger. It is able to reconstruct cavities as well as it used to repair more than one tooth cusp. Inlays and Onlays can be produced either in our dental laboratory or our brand new milling machine.

Both inlays and onlays are used as a restoration that pushes your tooth to its full strength, thus without having fear of crumbling away while you can bite and chew.

When a Dental Inlay Is Your Best Option

What is the dental inlay anyway or dental onlay? And your dentist recommends one of them? Standart filling and cavities are just a part of the equation that you may be more familiar with. In order to fill the gaps and have a better idea of what kind of procedure you may have needed if you have a cavity, here is some more information about inlays and onlays.

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What is a Filling?

We recommend you read Colgate’s article about silver or gold filling in order to learn more them. Then Visit to get more information about cavity fillings and also inlays and onlays from the dentist.

Why does my jaw click?

Is it the jaw clicking that I have feeling? It can be caused by many different kinds of things. Grinding your teeth, biting inside of the cheek habitually, and biting nails or chewing gum at an excessive level might develop the condition. If you want to get information about the other aesthetic dental treatment methods, Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey, you can read this article.

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