If you have decided to dental treatment in Turkey, you can choose one of the clinics in Istanbul where you can have excellent results in dental care. There are more and more options for Istanbul dental holiday packages. You can both have your dental treatment and take a holiday in Istanbul.
Why you should not choose to treat your teeth abroad and enjoy your holiday at the same time? First of all for economic reasons. We know how much dental treatment prices, the materials used, and the specialists. the management and maintenance of equipment and dental offices.
Dental implants, orthodontic appliances, root canal treatments, bites, dental extractions, and reconstructive and maxillofacial dentistry – are all expensive treatments.
One way to get high-quality dental care at much lower prices is to visit a dentist in Istanbul. In this guide, you can find some common questions about dental treatments in Istanbul Turkey.
Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to take the right decision about your dental care. Read on to find out more about Istanbul Dental Holiday.

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Istanbul Dental Holiday Prices

Most likely the reason for your search is to have a perfect dental treatment by saving money. The costs of private dentistry have risen to levels beyond many people\’s budgets, but in countries like Turkey, dentistry is relatively affordable.

If you need extensive dental treatment, these costs for dental treatment in Istanbul will allow you to pay for your accommodation, transporters, and treatments. After all of this thing, you will still save money compared to a home visit from the dentist. Getting a dental implant in Istanbul can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

If prices for dentists in Istanbul have inspired you, one of the next steps is to find a dental clinic in Istanbul.

All the options available can be a daunting task, but we can help you with that. We have years of experience facilitating communication between patients and quality clinics abroad.

Dentist in Turkey Standards

The reason why Istanbul dentistry is low cost is due to the economy of our country. All dental treatment standards are high.

Quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, and excellent hygiene standards are serviced. The competition between dental clinics also helps keep prices low and standards high.

Before taking a decision it is important to do as much research as possible. First of all, you should know that all dental clinics in Turkey must be registered with the Turkish Dental Association.

Istanbul Dental Holiday

The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the world, with more than 4,000 shops. You can find everything from spices to jewelry. Simply say, if you want the chance to explore a new city, Istanbul is a great place to treat your teeth

Istanbul Dental Holiday Reviews

When looking for the best dentist in Istanbul for the treatment you need, checking out some reviews from former patients is a good idea. These comments will not only show you how dental clinic services are; you will also receive some valuable information to help you plan your trip. You can read real patient reviews on our 5-star account on Trustpilot.

Sinus Lifting

WHAT IS SINUS LIFTING? There are some conditions required for a healthy completion of the operation in implant applications for the renewal of the teeth

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Istanbul Turkey Bosporus Bridge
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Choosing The Best Dental Clinic in Istanbul

There are many dental clinics in Istanbul to choose from. Fortunately, everyone advertising their services in an English-speaking market to simplify your decision.

When you start looking for the best dentist in Istanbul for your needs, the choice can make you feel quite overwhelmed. In this sense, a health tourism agency can help you. For example, if you want to find an implantologist for dental implants, an endodontist for root canal, and a specialist in crown and veneer prosthetics, a good agents can provide it.

A qualified, reliable agent who has an agreement with a professional dentist can make everything faster and easier for you. Here are some questions to ask a dental tourism agency as you do your research and narrow down your options:

  • How much experience does the dentist have with the procedures I need?
  • Can I see photos of before and after patients?
  • What is included in the treatment fee and are there any additional costs?
  • Does the dentist speak good English? (It’s a good idea to ask to speak to them directly to rate it personally.)
  • What if happen complications after returning home?

Istanbul Dental Holiday Packages

There are many package options in various clinics in Turkey. If you plan your dental treatment with dental tourism, highly competitive but excellent dental packages are available here.

We need to clear things up about Istanbul Dental Holiday Packages! There are several clinical offers and tour packages from medical tourism agencies. What does it mean? This means that they cater to the normal needs of their patients (from another country) by providing a range of free services such as:

  • Accommodation for two people (patient and accompanying person)
  • Translator service
  • Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel
  • Fun tour guide

In this case, it is advisable for your teeth and has a holiday in Istanbul. You will find professional dental care and trusted modern dental clinics. You also can enjoy your holiday in Istanbul between sessions.

Services we offer to our international patients who prefer Turkey for their dental holidays

  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • V.I.P Car Transfers prefer
  • Free Panoramic X-Ray
  • Free Anestesia
  • Free Bone Graft
  • Free Consultation
  • Free Medicine
  • Free Istanbul Ship TourIn this case, it is advisable for your teeth and has a holiday in Istanbul. You will find professional dental care and trusted modern dental clinics. You also can enjoy your holiday in Istanbul between sessions.

Istanbul Dental Holiday FAQ

Do I need a visa for Istanbul Dental Holiday?

The visa application process for Turkey varies depending on the country you are in. Some country’s citizens can only come in our country with the ID they have in their country without obtaining e-visa. Citizens of some countries can come with a passport without obtaining e-visa. And, others can come to Turkey by applying for e-visa.

Citizens of countries that can enter Turkey with an ID:

Germany, France, Georgia, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Greece.

Citizens of countries that can enter Turkey with a passport:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Morocco, Finland, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Montenegro, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Hungary, Monaco, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Vatican City.

Countries of citizens can enter Turkey by obtaining a Turkish ID and an e-Visa (e-Visa):

Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Malta,  Portugal.

Countries that can enter our country with a Turkish passport and e-visa (electronic visa):

United States, Austria, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, China, Armenia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Norway, Poland, Saudi Arabia.

How does the Istanbul Dental Holiday process work?

We will manage all your transfers from your arrival to your departure: station – hotel – clinic. All in Istanbul Dental Holiday packages!

Will there be time to visit Istanbul?

Obviously you will need at least one 2-3 hours per day for your dental treatment. So, you can spend the rest of your time visiting tourist and cultural places with a guide.

 Do the clinic dentist and staff speak my language?

Istanbul dentists speak English. If you don’t speak English, don’t worry, you won’t have any language problems during the treatment. We will assign you a translator.

When I choose one of the Istanbul Dental Holiday Packages, how much will I save based on my country?

You can save up to 50% on the cost of your treatment compared to the prices applied in your country.

How can I be sure about service quality?

Our dentists are specialists in their field. They have internationally successful, each with a medical degree. Furthermore, you will have excellent service from the customer services of the clinic.

Are Istanbul Dental Holiday Packages include companions?

Yes, you can take a companion with you. If you indicate that you will be accompanied, we will help with accommodation and other needs.