There’s a lot of going on in your mouth at night. You may be clenching or grinding your teeth, which may cause dental health problems. Teeth grinding or clenching affects 10% of adults and 15% of infants, according to the American Sleep Association. You might not know if you grind your teeth, but your spouse may hear it while you are sleeping, and your dentist would be able to see the results. If you grind your teeth, a mouth guard is able to provide safety and help you get a good sleep. Although the underlying causes can not be stopped, you may have a mouth guard, a specialized tool, to reduce the side effects of teeth grinding or clenching.

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Who Needs Mouth Guards?

The short response is those who clench or grit their tooth while sleeping. Mouth guards are designed to keep the upper and lower teeth apart to help prevent premature tooth wear and the noise of teeth grinding. In fact, about 10 % of the population have teeth grinding while sleeping, resulting in temporomandibular pain, facial muscle discomfort, and headache, and many dental health problems. For certain patients, a mouthguard offers extensive protection by avoiding unpleasant symptoms that often caused by teeth grinding or clenching. In addition, mouth guards help minimize the wearing down of tooth by hindering such teeth grinding.

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What kind of problems does a mouth guard prevent?

Chronic headaches: Also referred to as stress headaches, chronic headaches can be caused by teeth grinding or clenching. If you ever wake up with a headache, consider teeth grinding bruxism as a potential cause and seek help. You might clench or grind your teeth at night, and the pressure on the jaw can cause headaches.

 TMJ: Have you ever heard of a temporomandibular joint disorder? It affects the muscles used to chew, and the joints that link the jaw and the skull. Although the condition may be caused by several causes, one cause is teeth grinding bruxism, as the pressure from clenching or grinding may affect the structures of the tooth and jaw, including muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tooth.

 Toothache: If you have a toothache, and it\’s not from the cavities, it\’s probably because you have a teeth-grinding problem at night. Teeth grinding bruxism can cause the sensitivity of your tooth, often associated with enamel damage, or a fracture that you can\’t see.

 Tooth or crown cracking: Teeth grinding or clenching may create enough pressure on the tooth to crack or break (break) the actual tooth or crown. While the tooth is built for pressures of eating and biting, they are not intended to withstand additional pressure from long-term grinding or clenching. This action can damage the tooth, cause fractures or cracks.  

Types of Mouth Guards

1. Stock or ready to be made: Stock mouth protectors are preformed and ready to apply. They are cheap and can be found at most of the sporty good stores and department stores. However, nothing can be done to change their fit, they are heavy, make breathing and talking difficult, and offer little or no safety. They won\’t help solve the problem completely.

 2.Boil and Bite: Boil and bite mouth protectors can also be purchased in a variety of sports goods stores and can provide a better fit than stock protectors. The “boil and bite” protectors are made of thermoplastic materials. It is put in hot water to soften, then put in the mouth and molded around the tooth with the pressure of the finger and tongue.

 3.Custom-made: These protectors are individually manufactured in a dental clinic or accredited laboratory in compliance with the instructions of your doctor. First, the dentist will make an impression, and then, using special material, it will be molded over the model. Due to the use of special material and the additional time and effort involved, these custom-made protectors are more costly than the other styles but offer the most comfort and safety.

 Generally, mouth protectors only cover your upper teeth, but in some situations (such as when you have braces or other fixed dental equipment on your lower jaw), your dentist can also secure your lower teeth. Your doctor will manufacture a mouth guard for both upper and lower teeth. Mouth guards should be comfortable, tear-resistant, durable, and clean, and not limit your breathing or voice.  

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Nightguards Turkey Prices

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