How Much Are Porcelain Crowns in Turkey

Metal-supported porcelain crowns cost £80 or €100 or $110 per tooth. A complete set of porcelain crowns costs about £1600 or €2000 or $2200 and consists of 20 teeth. In some cases you may need more teeth for a complete smile, in some less. Please contact us for a competitive quote and more information about the treatment.

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Porcelain Crown Turkey Treatment Schedule


A wonderful smile is everyone’s dream. However, you may need some help to get it. Porcelain crowns or dental crowns (also referred to as tooth or dental caps) can give you a healthy mouth appearance you want, and it can be a simpler surgery than you think. People have porcelain or dental crowns for a number of purposes, but mostly to repair or cover a broken tooth and enhance the protection of the mouth. If your dentist advises you that you need a crown or a cap for your teeth, know that you have a range of choices, and porcelain crowns in Turkey can be a reasonably simple process with an experienced dentist in the clinic you have chosen.

What is a Porcelain Crown Turkey?

Porcelain crowns may be a treatment method for people who have lost their teeth. These are personalized caps or crowns that are attached to the tooth, fit onto it, and restore the original size, strength, and work of the natural teeth. Porcelain crowns Turkey is known to be the number one quality for the safety and enhancement of a tooth that can not be fixed with fillings or other dental treatments. This type of crown is made using tooth-colored porcelain to perfectly blend with your other natural teeth – so not only do they strengthen your tooth or teeth, they make your teeth more esthetically pleasing. Porcelain crowns with minimum tooth preparation may be applied by experienced dentists, so that much of the tooth is preserved under the cap. This treatment professional know-how that increases the longevity, strength, and appearance of your teeth dramatically when applied correctly and meticulously.

Different Types of Dental Crowns in Turkey

A crown covers the full surface of the tooth. To put the crown over it, the tissue around the tooth has to be removed. The method can not be reversed once carried out. Although they are not as conservative as the veneers, they bond to the tooth better. Simply falling off the tooth is not easy for a crown. There are different forms of dental crowns made of metal, zirconia, ceramic, or gold:

Metal Crown (PFM) : They are durable but have mediocre aesthetic performance because of the metal.

Zirconium Crowns (PFZ) : They are resilient and offer wonderful aesthetic results.

Complete Ceramic Crowns : The aesthetic result is delivered but not as durable as the PFZ ones.

Complete Crowns of Metal : Metal ones are not aesthetic. Yet, they are very resilient and help to the purpose.

Gold Crowns: In nature, these are not aesthetic, but are extremely durable. Some patients, however, prefer gold ones for cosmetic purposes.

Is Porcelain Crown Treatment Painful?

It’s impossible without experienced dentists in every dental clinic in Turkey who perform the surgery professionally. When the mouth is prepped for the surgery and when the crowns are applied, you will be under local anesthesia and medicated. You can feel a certain sensitivity in your gums and around the non-permanent crown after the first consultation is over, and the temporary crowns are mounted. You may experience some pain after inserting the permanent crown (that\’s generally defined as a minor pinch), but the surgery will be done under local anaesthetics and topical numbing agents will also be applied. You will experience some soreness after the implementation of the permanent crown, and you may need to stick to soft foods for a while after the crowns are placed, but there should be no serious or permanent discomfort.

Full Mouth Zirconia Crown

Prices In Turkey

Getting crowns in our country gives you the chance to get the best service and save you some money. We provide you with the quality materials in each dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey. You can get your surgery done for 70% cheaper than the country you are in. We never compromise with the quality of our services and so use high-quality products, top-quality technology approved products, and manufacturers that are used in the UK and Europe. You can read other articles about Turkey dental implant, full mouth dental implants, smile makeover, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and other surgery types. Also, you can find the most suitable dental clinic for you and get a free quote beforehand. If you’re considering surgery in Turkey, you can search and find out about many clinics in HCA. Each clinic is ready to give you the necessary info about the process.

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