Smile makeup, which is created by the mix of one or a lot of dentistry operations, is understood as a procedure of evolving the looks of a smile. There are plenty of points that are needed to consider before the procedure though, It includes your facial appearance, skin tone color, hair color, the skeleton of your teeth, gum texture, lips, and outlook of the teeth as well. Smile fixes are often made for several needs and can be customized to your distinctive wishes.

What can be improved?

A smile makeover isn’t one treatment option. In fact, there’s a variety of available treatment choices offered to revive smiles. There are many problems that smile makeover treatments can fix. It can also fix tooth length, alignment, and proportional issues. Treatment options also can address several issues like missing teeth, deformed gums, severely broken teeth, gaps, or different spacing issues. With the removal of missing teeth in dental procedures, especially, a natural-looking smile can be guaranteed.

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Color of Tooth

Silver or amalgam dental fillings are often replaced with natural, tooth-colored composite restorations, whereas teeth whitening will improve the color of stained or dulled teeth. Tooth color and shading are vital concerns throughout the analysis of and preparation for numerous procedures, together with ceramic ware veneers, crowns, bridges, composite bonding, and dental implants. These procedures will significantly evolve your smile and with other makeover methods, patients are quite ready to have a perfect smile.

Shades of Teeth

When considering the color of your teeth, be aware that dark or stained teeth may belong to an aged mouth. A well-shaped smile consists of white and shiny teeth may indicate a youthful appearance. Starts the tooth whitening and veneering procedure meticulously, taking into account your dentist\’s face and hair tone color. Cosmetic dentists, on the other hand, have made it a matter of balance to preserve the natural tooth color with a brighter, whiter smile they give to patients. In this respect, a clinic in Turkey is far better experienced in the field of dental procedures at cheaper costs.

Alignment and Spacing operations

Another issue included in this area is alignment and spacing correction. Teeth that are crooked, squeeze each other or have gaps between them can be properly aligned thanks to orthodontic treatment or the Invisalign method when necessary, and can present a beautiful outlook with veneers. With the application of these dental procedures, your smile will shine like the sun with your perfectly white teeth

Sinus Lifting

WHAT IS SINUS LIFTING? There are some conditions required for a healthy completion of the operation in implant applications for the renewal of the teeth

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Gum Disease

GUM DISEASE Periodontal disease, popularly known as gum disease, is a series of inflammatory situations that happen in the tissues covering the teeth called gums.

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Missing Tooth Correction:

One or more missing teeth can adversely affect the naturalness and beauty of your smile, as well as weaken your bites and lead to tooth decay. This means that the teeth negatively affect oral health and even the general facial aesthetics deteriorate. Dental implants, bridges, or partial prostheses can be recommended as a solution to missing teeth. All these are the most important points for your dental beauty and oral health. Especially Dental Implants in Turkey are widely popular and cheaper than in most of Europe due to the high quality of dental implants and dental procedures. They are vital to providing a beautiful smile.

Facial beautification

It is also possible to improve and rejuvenate a face that is already aging. In this care, certain operations, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, are recommended as well as orthodontics in the smile makeup category.

A cosmetic dentist first devises a treatment plan and talks to you about your wishes to do so. This treatment procedure may involve plenty of operation covering a wide spectrum and these can be listed as follows; teeth whitening, composite adhesions, dental veneers, dental crown treatments, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Those who need a Smile Makeover

Are you one of those who are not satisfied with their smiles? One of the main reasons for this is that the teeth turn yellow, or it may be a misshapen tooth that badly affects the overall smile. In addition, tooth decay or broken teeth can disrupt the smile. It may be the case in some natural situations, these are the loss of teeth due to advanced age, gum disease, or a blow, and all of these can destroy and spoil the impressive feature of your smile. Smiling, which is an expression of sense, is the most natural expression we display around. If your smile doesn’t satisfy you, that can take a toll on your self-esteem. Especially for some people, a bad smile can ruin their professional work. Career prospects are particularly important for professions such as acting, publishing, and public relations, and a distorted smile can undermine those expectations. If these problems are reflected in you, you definitely not only need a smile makeover but also a smile makeover in Turkey.

Aesthetic Aspects of Smile Makeover

In order for your smile to have a natural design, besides the color, order, and general balance of your teeth, there are many features that your teeth and cosmetic dentist will emphasize. These are features that are prominent in facial features rather than in the mouth. Smile design is a subject that requires almost attention, care, and time because it can be placed under the subject of cosmetic dentistry. Dental procedures such as fixing missing teeth also create a fundamental basis for any aesthetic smile.

Length of teeth

Long teeth can be preferred for a youthful lookout which often considered to have the best smile. Wear and tear causes teeth to stay short, and this is often an age-related condition. Treatments are available for shortened teeth. These may include restoring and elongating the shape of the two anterior middle teeth by methods such as composite bonding or dental veneers. Even if your gums are interfering with your smile, your cosmetic doctor adjusts the gum line again and uses laser methods during this operation. If the need arises, your doctor can also be referred to a periodontist for crowns extension. This makeover strategy will improve your smile and extends it significantly. Turkey is a fundamental field in this respect and offers widespread dental treatment in the case of dental implants.

Aftermath of Smile Makeover

Cosmetic dental treatments are not just treatment and require regular oral hygiene. As an example, regular teeth whitening appointments are required for the continuity of the barrier obtained. In addition, Porcelain coatings may be damaged and may be required to be replaced by a new appointment. The stain may occur in composite adhesives and should be checked regularly. Only after that, your smile will have the quality of a natural smile which is the indication of natural teeth.

Evaluation of Smile makeover

In order to change the smile makeup, an oral health assessment is addressed first. First, it is necessary to determine whether your teeth will be candidates for smile makeup methods, such as your gums, underlying support structure, and the strength of your bites. If this assessment results in the identification of gum disease or oral health problems, they should be addressed as a priority in the dental clinic.

High-Quality Smile Makeover

Ceramic specialists located in Turkey, lab technicians, and dentists, they put forward the continuity of the smile makeover and selected the appropriate treatment they provide it. It is best to contact the clinic located in Turkey in terms of the patient is advised to obtain the results. These clinics offer all the operations in the smile makeover fields such as keep teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants as well as a direct intervention to other diseases such as gum disease. Dentists who are highly skilled in dental veneers, will also able to operate in high-quality dental procedures ranging from dental crowns operations to smile beautification which includes very cheap price list and high-quality dental veneers.

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