Facelift In Turkey

Wrinkles and sagging on the skin of the facial area or the skin losing its elasticity in time is a problem for a lot of people and it can occur due to big weight loss or aging. Fortunately the facelift procedure in Turkey which is also known as rhytidectomy has a solution that can help the situation and change your appearance drastically to your desired aesthetic, youthful look and help you boost your confidence by lifting up and tightening the skin.

The medical tourism in Turkey has become so popular in the recent years and there are plenty of reasons for that. First reason is that they are using the latest technology and techniques with efficiency and the treatments are getting done by excellent and caring surgeons with all the experience and qualifications that you need. Also the country is offering packages which are including all services for a affordable price. 

And as for the visas for UK and USA citizens, you don’t need a visa if you are from the United Kiingdom and if you are a USA citizen it is only $76.50. So it is safe to say that choosing to have your cosmetic surgery in Turkey out of all the options is worth it.

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Which Types Facelift Surgeries are Used in Turkey?

Standart, Mini and Deep plane Facelifts are all available in Turkey. A Standart Facelift will treat mild to advanced maturation around the mid-face and neck more thoroughly. While the surgical treatment is more thorough than a mini-facelift, it requires longer recuperation time and the results are more striking. A surgeon can readjust the deeper tissues under the skin and remove extra, loose skin to smoothen the creases, eliminate wrinkling or sagging skin under the jaw, and reestablish a naturally younger contour to the face and neck thru the entrances found easily behind the forehead, beginning near to the temples, and about the front of the ear, fully covered in the ordinary folds.

Mini Facelifts on the other hand, are performed on individuals who have just little drooping.

Shorter incisions, usually along the hairline above each ear and/or in the natural creases around the ear, allow a correction expert to repair deep facial tissues with a less visible manner. Basic tissues surrounding the cheeks are raised and repaired through these entrance sites to treat jowling, improve the face structure, and reestablish a “tight” look.

The deep plane facelift enables a surgeon to address the consequences more thoroughly. It repositions deeper tissue layers to elevate the whole face. The cheekbones, jawline, and neck are all highlighted as a consequence. It is very effective in elevating the mid-face, which is resistant to other kinds of facelifts. It has a longer-lasting effect than other types of facelifts. 

Patients who get a deep facelift have less bruising and bleeding since there is less tissue damage at the skin’s surface. But the greatest part about a deep plane facelift is that it leaves little to no seeable trace after they tighten your face. There is no skin pulling, no sign, and the look of a plastic facelift. After a deep plane facelift, people seem calm, revitalised, and healthy, rather than as though they have had surgery. So it has its benefits when you compare it to the other methods.

Facelift in Turkey
Facelift in Turkey
Facelift in Turkey

How is Facelift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgery involves general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation and may take anywhere from two to six hours to complete. Depending on the method, incisions are made at the temples or a circular one around the ears. Excess epidermis is removed and fat, tissue, and muscle are redistributed to get the wanted result. Another incision may be made beneath the chin for further neck adjustments. 

Your cosmetic expert will recommend the finest treatment option for your specific requirements. A mini-facelift, for example, may help you treat unpleasant symptoms of ageing before they become too noticeable, delaying the need for more comprehensive surgery for several years.

What Should be Considered Before and After the Surgery?

Before coming to a clinic to have the lift operation there are certain things that should be done by a patient regardless of their age. For example 10 days before the surgery you should to stop taking medications and also shouldn’t use aspirin, herbal teas, vitamins or blood thinners. 

Other than that, when you travel to Turkey and arrive at the hospitals you will meet and have your initial consultation with your doctor prior to the surgery. In the meeting the factors you should learn and understand will be explained to you and relying on your potential wants regarding shape and other subjects the most suitable and correct method will be chosen by your expert. 

Also you will have the chance to discuss any concerns you might have. Furthermore if your chosen method will involve general anesthesia you will have to stop smoking, eating and drinking 8 hours before the surgery. To prevent any kind of health problem from occurring you should follow the instructions precisely.

After procedure you will be required to stay for a night or two so that your specialist can check on you whenever it is necessary. If you didn’t go under general anesthesia however you can leave the hospital on the same day. 

After the operations the period that you should stay in Turkey can vary and it depends on your condition but typically doctors advise that you should stay for around a week so that they can have you coming in for checkups and they can take good care of your healing and recovery process. 

During checkups they will be helpful to you to achieve your goals without any complications, remove your stitches or any kind of bandage you might wear. At the final checkup your specialist will provide you with an aftercare plan to avoid any kind of swelling, drainage or scarring and even after you left the country you can contact your specialist to get any kind of support you might need. It is advised that you don’t do any heavy physical activities that might tire your body for the next 4 weeks or one and a half months.

Who Can Have a Facelift Surgery?

The main patients of these so called ‘beauty procedures’ are woman who are not happy with the ageing lines or marks that are developing on their eyes, eyelidnose or just face. While it is common that the ones who wants to get it is in their 40s to 70s a younger person who is worrying about the risks of wrinkled skin development and being unable to maintain the young look that they already have can also chose to reduce those wrinkles to avoid ageings signs and create a prevention before it happens. Other than that everybody can undergo this surgery.

How Much Does A Facelift Cost In Turkey?

It might sound unbelievable that you can go to Turkey to undergo your surgery and return to your home after and still save thousands of pounds. But it happens that way and there is actually more to it. The prices are guaranteed to be the best choice when compared to other countries. Also Turkey offer packages that contain everything you need in it like having Turkish surgeon who is a professional at his field to perform your surgery with the best and latest technique available in trusted clinics, flights costs, accomondation cost, private airport transfer and post-op support. So feel free to book your surgery date in Turkey today.