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How it Work ?

New Health Tourism Experience

Health tourism has been growing in recent years and people spend much time making the right choices.
Health Centers Antalya aims to shorten this period and to enable people to contact clinics directly, both shortening the duration and speeding up the treatment processes. It aims to offer you a new experience at the heart of health tourism.

How Does It Work ?

Health Centers Antalya is in constant contact with the clinics in their online catalogs. The conversations and messaging you will make over the system are with clinical officials, not with HCA consultants. For this reason, you will not encounter extra commissions and surprise payments. Messages are stored to help you in case of any problem.

Step 1 : Find a Clinic

If you have made up your mind to get your treatment in Turkey, we can guarantee that you will find the most appropriate clinic for you at HCA. Select the treatment that you want to get, mark the city you want to go to, and click the search button. Hundreds of premium clinics are here.

Step 2 : Talk to Clinics

Contact directly with the clinics you encounter without an intermediary. Discuss your treatment and request a quote. Shape your treatment by moving forward with the clinics you like and get information.


Schedule your treatment with the clinic you think that will be the best for you and finalize the details. In 3 simple steps, you can get health treatment for 70% cheaper than the country you are in, and you can make your treatment process better by discovering new places. If you wish, we want you to know that we will be pleased to welcome you to our office and listen to your experiences when your treatment is over. We guarantee you that you will drink the best Turkish coffee in our office.


  • There is no commission.
    You will never pay us a commission for any transaction you make through HCA. You only pay the price you agreed with the clinic.
    We don’t work only in the office.
    We visit every clinic in the catalogs regularly. Every clinic in our system is above average.
    We support you
    Even if it is unlikely if you have a problem with the clinic you have scheduled your treatment for, please contact us. Remember that we are with you in all possible problems.