Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

Weight loss is a big accomplishment but if the mass that has been lost is a big one it can leave someone with loose skin on their abdominal area which is a deal breaker because you worked hard and accomplished your goal but now there is a minor issue that is stopping from feeling satisfied with the results. This situation can occur for women after giving birth as well. All through pregnancy is a great experience the after results in your belly might be unsatisfying.

Fortunately, tummy tuck cosmetic surgery in Turkey which is also known as abdominoplasty has a solution to get the excess and saggy skin removed, tighten your tummy area, and help you strengthen your stomach muscles.

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Why Should You Choose Turkey For Your Tummy Tuck Operation?

In recent years medical tourism in Turkey has become very popular. Especially amongst people who are seeking to achieve their full potential in terms of appearance, and it seems it is going to continue growing in popularity in the future.

Of course there are reasons behind it. Such as how professional the surgical procedures are getting done by plastic surgeons that are experts in their field, clinics that are using the latest technology, care in the services and the general process and with affordable prices as well. When all of these facts are combined they make Turkey the best choice amongst all options as in where to get your treatment done.

Which Types Of Tummy Tuck Surgery are used in Turkey?

There are two types of tummy tuck surgery, and they are both being used in Turkey. Relying on how much skin and fat removal is going to be made, your surgeon will decide and inform you about which one suits you the best. The first is a complete tummy tuck, which is used when a patient’s whole ventral area has to be contoured.

It takes roughly four to five hours to finish the process. It takes around six months to heal entirely. The mini tummy tuck, on the other hand, is for individuals who have localized fat in their lower belly. The process takes around an hour and is minimally invasive. Within a month, patients recover.

How is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Performed?

Tummy Tuck Surgery First Stage

The first stage is: Incision. The incision for a complete tummy tuck is usually done from hip to hip (which will be disguised by underwear) across the lower abdomen. The second incision may be initialised around the belly button to remove any excess skin and reposition the button.In comparison to a complete tummy tuck, the incisions for a micro tummy tuck are much smaller.The second step is where the excess fat is removed, and the skin is stretched. Excess fat and skin are removed after the incisions. The strained muscles are then collected and sewn together. Finally, the remaining skin is pushed down, and the belly button is repositioned.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Second Stage

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Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey
Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey
Tummy tuck surgery in Turkey

What Should be Considered Before and After the Surgery?

Before the surgery, there are multiple things to consider. 10 days before the surgery, you are advised to stop taking medications and also shouldn’t use aspirin, herbal teas, vitamins or blood thinners. When you travel to Turkey and arrive at the clinic, you will have your initial consultation with your doctor. During this time you will be able to discuss the procedure and ask any questions you might have.

Also, your surgeon will provide you with the details and explain the process fully. 8 hours before surgery you are required to stop smoking and shouldn’t take any kind of liquids or food. These are because the surgery will take place under general anaesthesia, to prevent any kind of health problem from occurring you should follow the instructions precisely.

As for after, while it can vary from one individual to another, you will stay in the country for a week on the average. With the first 24-48 hours resting at the hospital and the rest of them in your hotel room, visiting the facilities for regular check-ups.

Full recovery can take up to 6-7 weeks depending on your circumstances. In this period, you won’t be able to exercise or do heavy physical activities. Also, you won’t be able to drive for a few weeks. The swelling might last up to 6 months. Furthermore, with the great aftercare service Turkey provides you can always contact your expert about any complications you might have even after you return to the United Kingdom.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

Unless you have certain conditions such as having a chronic condition, intending to lose body-mass, having a body mass index over 30, being a frequent smoker, having recently had a surgery, then any men or women have the availability to undergo these surgeries.

Is it Safe to Have a Tummy Tuck in Turkey?

While the risks including bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation, numbness or other changes in skin sensation, recurrent looseness of the skin, bruising are apparent when done in the clinics that are using the latest technology, and by experienced Turkish doctors there is no room for error, so you can book your operation date today stress-free.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost In Turkey?

In the UK and Europe, costs of the procedure are between £4500 and £6000. With the extra expenses, it can go up about £500 – £1000 more. But surprising enough even with travelling abroad, staying in nice hotels for several nights and getting help at accredited clinics you can save thousands of pounds.

Turkey offers special packages which have every expense in them, such as accommodation fees, flights, private transfer from airport and post-op support for a price as low as $2600. Furthermore, if you are a UK citizen you don’t need a visa and if you are from the USA it is only $76.50.