Too much mass on the breasts can cause problems like sagging, backache, pain in the neck, epidermis irritation between the breast or at the location of the bra straps, being unable to do certain moves, or not being comfortable while doing them, etc. That is why the breast reduction surgery became very popular in recent years. Every year, almost 700.000 women throughout the world undergo breast reduction surgery to lessen the size and uplift their breasts. And if you want to achieve your ideal breast size while paying an low price, breast reduction surgery in Turkey which is also known as mammoplasty offers an opportunity to get rid of all the aches, and improve your self esteem.

Breast reduction is a operation method that is used to reduce the size of the breasts and reshape them. Amongst women, the volume of the breasts can change depending on the hormones, genes, amount of body fat, etc. And if they are too big it can cause problems.

The method is also preferred by man who has enlargement in their chest. While it is natural for 40 to 60 percent of the man to experience breast tissue enlargement in their lifetime sometimes it is not possible to get rid of it with exercise and in this case, it is called gynecomastia. It can be caused by many factors such as Obesity, heredity, hormonal imbalances, excessive alcohol use, liver cancer or failure, and losing excessive weight without sports. It can cause some discomfort in the daily life of a man. For example, they might not like their physical look, not find themselves so aesthetic, or even feel uncomfortable while wearing white clothes.

Breast reduction in Turkey is a very good solution for men who might be storing excess fat and tissue beneath their nipples and want to flatten their chest. While it can be done in the same way as it is for women it can also be done with liposuction for men.

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How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Turkey?

The costs of the surgery with just including the operation in the United Kingdom and Europe can vary between £4500 and £6500 and if you want to add aftercare, it will be an extra £400 – £800. You might be thinking that with getting on an international flight, travelling to Turkey, staying in nice a hotel for several days and getting your surgery done in accredited clinics there will be no big difference in cost. But that is not right.

The country offers inclusive packages that includes travel and accomondation fees, airport VIP transfers, hospital stays, check-ups and aftercare for affordable prices that can save you thousands of pounds. Breast reduction surgery in Turkey £2900 on the average but it can be differences depending on anesthesia, medicines, post-surgical bras (breast compress), and other overhead expenses.

Which Breast Reduction Techniques are Used in Turkey?

There are three different methods used to accomplish breast reduction. The first one is done by making circular incisions around the areola. The second one is called the keyhole pattern which involves making an incision around the areola and a vertical incision from the first one down to the crease behind the breast The surgeon can generate a smaller breast while simultaneously delivering a breast lift by eliminating the tissue and fat.

While scarring will be present with this procedure, it will only be seen on the lower half of the breast. The third one is called the anchor type which is done by making an T-shaped incision starting around the areola, going down vertically, and then horizontally across the breast crease.

Other than these procedures, when the tissue to be taken is primarily made up of fat, liposuction for breast reduction may be employed. This is more prevalent in males who have had their breasts reduced, but it can also happen in females who have lost a lot of weight or gone through pregnancy.

When compared to incision techniques, liposuction is a faster and less invasive operation, but it is only suitable for individuals who require a little decrease in size and have little drooping.

How is it Performed?

The treatment is performed under general anesthesia. The first step will be your specialist choosing the right technique out of 3 options considering the size and shape of your breasts as well as your desired breast size and applying it. For the second step, they reposition the nipples and remove the tissue. The nipples stay connected to the blood and nerve supply they formerly had. The nipples and areola may be removed and repositioned on an upper part of the chest if the breasts are extremely large.

Then excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are removed. Closing the incisions is the third stage. Stitches are used deep into the breast tissue to form and support the altered breasts. This is accomplished with the application of skin adhesives or surgical tapes. Although incision lines are permanent, they mostly go away with time.

The pain experienced following breast reduction surgery is similar to the ones seen after other procedures. Pain can be readily managed with the use of medications and ice. For the first 6–12 months after surgery, there might be some burning, stinging, and tingling in the chest. However, there is no excruciating discomfort.


What should be considered before and after the operation?

Every professional recommends that patients should be free of any kind of smoking for a period of time before the surgeries, it is important for a healthy recovery process. Also, you shouldn’t take any medical drugs other than the ones your plastic surgeon allowed you to take for 2 weeks before the surgery.

For after surgery recommendations after staying in the facilities for the first night, your surgeon will inform you about the issues that you need to pay attention to. But in general, you should rest for at least one week after the surgery, and you are required to avoid any heavy activities for a month. Don’t be shy of asking your family for help with household chores and childcare. Patients are given detailed instructions for aftercare, including medication expectations, ways for lowering discomfort, how to change bandages, and how to wear the medical bra.

If you have any worries about scars, they will fade away in time but won’t disappear completely. While they can be different for every patient even if the scars remain, they will remain under your bra or bikini. Also, you will be given some lotions and care items to aid in the healing of your scars. In some circumstances, they use a fractional CO2 laser to improve the appearance of scars and lessen their clarity in a shorter amount of time.

In the second week after the procedure, your pain will be relieved. You can increase your movements. Depending on the work you do, you can return to your job. Swell in your breasts will still be apparent.

In the sixth week following the surgery, you can take off your postoperation bra. You may pick up where you left off with your physical activity.

In the sixth month after the surgery swelling will subside, scars will vanish, and the final form of the breasts will appear.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or need any help after the surgery you can always get in contact with your doctor. And if you travelled from abroad and can’t come in for regular consultation you can always get your check-up done by sending photos online and getting feedback from your doctors.

Young woman getting breast examination at the hospital
partial view of plastic surgeon in latex gloves doing injection and patient in breast bandage

Who is Eligible to Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey?

In order to get this service a woman should be mature enough to have realistic expectations, a thorough understanding of the surgery and fully developed breasts. But it can be done earlier if the large breasts are causing some serious discomfort. Other than that any person who request a reducing in their breast volume because they can\’t do certain movements which causing them to not workout, gain weight and decrease their health or just not being happy or satisfied with their look in a cosmetic manner are qualified to be amongst the good candidates to get these services.

How Safe is it to have a Breast Reduction surgery in Turkey, are There any Risks?

One of the common worries people have is that the surgery is going to affect breastfeeding in the future but that is not true at all and the surgery does not have a negative impact on this subject.

Furthermore, while the known risks of a surgery under general anesthesia such as bleeding and infection and also for this method loss of sensation in the nipple are apparent, with a clinic that is working under high standards, running your tests and the group of expert surgeons in Turkey doing your surgery it is completely secure and guaranteed to not come across any of these risks.