How your butt looks has a huge impact on your appearance and some people might just not be satisfied with how their buttocks affect theirs. That is why bum lift procedures have become so popular in recent years, especially with highly known names like Kim Kardashian and other celebrities getting it. Basically, the procedure is done by a fat transfer from your tummy, thighs, lower back, or hips to your buttocks using liposuction. This way there is no need for implants, and you get rid of the unwanted excess fats in your problem areas.

Patients choose to travel to Turkey for these procedures because of how medical tourism in the country has grown over the years. The reason for that is the excellent plastic surgeons they have and more importantly the affordable fees they offer. Furthermore, UK citizens do not need a visa to go to Turkey and if you are from the USA it is only $76.50.

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Which Types of Bum Lift Surgeries Are Used in Turkey?

There are two different variations of bum lift surgeries that are used in Turkey. The first one is’Traditional Butt Lift’Fat grafting might not assist in the first place if the buttocks are significantly drooping. During a conventional butt lift, the surgeon removes extra skin from the buttocks by creating an incision along the lower back. This gives the buttocks a firmer, more youthful look. Following recuperation, BBL surgery, using the fat grafting method, may be used to better the outcomes.

The second one is called”The Brazilian Butt Lift’and it is a surgical technique that involves the transfer of fat to the buttocks. Liposuction is used to remove unwanted and extra fat from other areas of your body, typically the lower back and abdomen, and inject it into your buttocks to improve the look of your buttocks. BBL improves the size and contour of your buttocks by using your own natural fat. It does not utilize implants.

As a result, it is the most natural method to increase the size of your buttocks. Because, unlike implants, your own body fat is soft and will not move, so it provides long-lasting, attractive results. The buttocks are a region that displays symptoms of ageing quickly. It may begin to droop with time, failing to maintain the desired look. This natural ageing effect can be avoided with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

How is The Bum Lift Surgery Performed?

The Brazilian Bum Lift is done in three steps. The first step is a standard lipo procedure. The doctor determines which regions of the body are appropriate for fat extraction and fat grafting. Small incisions are made on the liposuction region to begin. Liposuction doesn\’t really leave a scar since the incisions are so small. After that, a tiny tube named a cannula is placed into the incision and connected to a strong vacuum equipment to release the fat. A surgical vacuum or syringe connected to the cannula is then used to remove the fat from the body.

For the second step, a canister that holds the fat is being removed. Before being injected into the buttocks, the fat is disinfected. The fluids and blood collected from the fat tissue are removed during sterilization. The purified tissues contain just fat that is ready for transplantation at the conclusion of the process.

The third step is named \’Fat grafting\’. In this step the buttock muscle and deep fat tissue of the gluteal area are injected with pure fat tissues. The fat will be injected into the buttock region via tiny incisions. The fat is then grafted in natural layers for a natural-looking, smooth, and volume-rich outcome.

What Should be Considered Before and After the Operation?

First of all, there are some things that you should do and not do before coming to a clinic for your cosmetic surgery. You should stop taking any medicine or supplements that your doctors don’t allow you to take such as aspirin, vitamin E, etc. Other than that, you should quit smoking for a advised period.

When you first arrive in Turkey, you will have a initial consultation prior to your treatment with your specialist. In this meeting he/she will tell you about the details about this treatment and choose the right method for your specific request. Also, you will get to chance to ask any questions you might have, and they will provide the answers for you to be safe and comfortable about the procedure.

After that you will be requested to sign a content form and have some tests to see if you are healthy enough to have the surgery. Then the surgery will start, and it will take one to two hours on average.

After the procedure, you will stay at the hospital for the night, so your expert can take good care of you and check on you when needed.

On the second day your expert will perform a second checkup in the morning and discharge you from the facilities therefore you are going to rest in your hotel room and in that period you should move carefully and not sit down as much as possible.

On the fourth, you are going to visit your expert for a final checkup and he/she will inform you about your need for medication (if any), what kind of effects you might see and how the post-op support is going to take place.

You need to keep in mind that in the after-process it is normal to feel some pain and see swelling or bruising, and you will be requested to wear a garment to keep your bottom tight. You can return to your home after ten days and the whole recovery process can take about three months for the conventional bum lift surgery and eight weeks for the Brazilian bum lift surgery.

But of course it can be different for every patient. You should avoid heavy exercises for 2 months, but light activities you can do after the sixth week. After you have spent 10 days and then left Turkey, you can get in touch and contact your expert if you have any unusual complications.

Who Can Have a Bum Lift Surgery?

As long as they are healthy enough any women or men can who are looking to gain a more aesthetic look by changing the shape of their bottom part, can have these operations. The one thing that is important to have these surgeries is that the person who wants to have them has to have realistic expectations about the surgery. Other than that there are no qualifications needed.

Bum Lift Surgery in Turkey
Bum Lift Surgery in Turkey

Is It Safe to Have a Bum Lift Surgery in Turkey?

While the risks of every surgical procedure like bleeding, infection, numbness, clots, and for this certain procedure asymmetry are apparent with the professional service Turkey offers and a team of experienced Turkish surgeons performing your surgery while using the latest techniques in accredited clinics, there is almost no chance for you to experience any of these dangers and it is risk free.