Over time as we age our skin loses elasticity, and for some people, this might reflect on the upper portion of the face than anywhere else, causing bags under the eyes or sagging on the eyelids. And of course, it has its own effects on the appearance and might cause someone to feel insecure or unhappy with their look. Fortunately, eyelid cosmetic surgery in Turkey which is also known as blepharoplasty or eye lift surgery is a solution that can improve and correct your current look while reaching up to your expectations while remaining the most affordable choice with all sorts of benefits. Also, UK citizens do not need a visa to visit Turkey, and if you are from the USA it is only $76.50.

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What Can You Expect From an Eyelid Surgery in Turkey?

First of all, when you arrive in Turkey before you have your operation you will have a initial consultation with your doctor. During the meeting, your surgeon will provide you with the details about the surgery and will give you instructions on how to prepare for it.

It is highly recommended that patients obey these in order to keep away from any potential complications they might have in the future. During the meeting you will also have the chance of asking any questions you might have.

After the meeting your specialist will request you to go under some tests like testing upon your tear ducts, measuring your eyelids and a visual examination. Depending on your test results, your expert will decide whether you are eligible to have the surgery or not and which method suits you the best. Then you will undergo your surgery. While it can vary on the patient’s needs, the process takes an hour and a half to two hours on the average. 

Which Types of Eyelid Surgery is Available in Turkey?

There are four types of Eyelid Surgery that are being used in Turkey. The first one is called’Upper Blepharoplasty’and it involves removing fat and extra skin to enhance the appearance of your upper eyelids. An incision is made above the eye in the natural crease. Upper eyelid surgery may be the best choice for you if you are troubled with drooping eyelids.

The second one is’Lower Blepharoplasty’ and it involves eliminating fat from the lower eyelids to enhance their appearance. It entails making an incision under the lashes or within the eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery might just be the best choice for you if you are troubled with puffy eyes.

The third one is’Almond eye Surgery’ and it is a correction treatment which is extremely popular among Hollywood celebrities and celebrities from all over the globe. Almond eyes are said to be more attractive, appealing, and youthful appearing depending on heritage.

The Almond Eye technique results in a somewhat elevated lateral canthus, with the lower eyelids perfectly aligned with the bottom border of the iris and no scleral. In other words, the eye is gently pushed upward to make the eyes seem larger and deeper.

The fourth one is’Asian Eyelid Surgery’Asians and individuals with Asian ancestors often have single eyelids, which means their top eyelids lack noticeable folds and wrinkles.

This characteristic makes eyes seem smaller, puffier, or weary. A tiny incision in the upper eyelid is usually used to remove extra tissue, including fat and skin, during Asian eyelid surgery. An eyelid fold is mimicked with this incision. Asian eyelid surgery aims to maintain ethnic identity while also enhancing the face and eye shape.

How is The Eyelid Surgery Performed?

The operation is done under general or local anaesthetic, based on the complexity of the procedure. The incisions follow anesthesia. During your appointment, your plastic surgeon will choose the best kind of incision for you. Excess skin and fat on your eyelids are removed after the incisions are made, and then the wounds are closed. You may need to remain in the hospital for one day following your eyelid surgery, depending on the complexity of your operation. You will be released from the hospital the same day if you just have upper eyelid surgery.

What Should be Considered Before and After the Surgery?

Before the procedures since they take place under anaesthesia, the patient is advised to stop using medications, taking medical anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or herbal supplements and stop smoking for a period before he/she comes to the clinic.

After the surgeries, you will be required to stay in the facilities for the night, so your expert can check on you if necessary. The following day, the experts recommend that you put cold icepacks on your eyes for 10 minutes 4-5 times, so you can reduce any kind of swelling, and avoid visible scarring from the stitches or bleeding caused by the removal of the skin.

The bruising and scars usually disappear in the extent of seven days. And with good care the recovery will be done in 2 weeks. After this you can go back to your daily activities and enjoy your new aesthetic look. The result usually lasts for 10 to 20 years.

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey ​1
Eyelid Surgery in Turkey ​1
Eyelid Surgery in Turkey ​1

Who Can Have the Eyelid Surgery in Turkey?

Eyelid surgery is frequently requested by patients who have droopy eyelids, wrinkled skin around the eyes, puffiness, and a partially obstructed upper field of vision. Double eyelid surgery is common among Asian individuals who want to seem to have bigger eyes.

To get a blepharoplasty, you must be healthy, ideal a non-smoker, and not have any severe eye problems.

Is It Safe to Have an Eyelid Surgery in Turkey?

While the risks such as Infection, getting dry eyes, and extra blood loss are apparent, with the experience of verified surgeons in the country and the professional service they offer combined with the support they show in the healing phase and the success rate they carried on for many years, it is okay to say that there are no health threatening possibilities in getting the procedure done in Turkey. So you can be free of all the stress when you are booking a date for your procedure.

How much does Eyelid Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Even with all services and expenses included such as getting your lift done by experienced doctors in accredited clinics, staying in a nice hotel, private airport transfer, travelling costs and aftercare Turkey has the best prices compared to other countries. The price of a blepharoplasty can go as low as $1.700 in Turkey.