Liposuction in Turkey has become very popular in recent years for both women and men. Because regardless of the patients weight or size they might have some stubborn excess fat somewhere around their body whether it is in the waist, legs, or the breasts that they can\’t quite get rid of with exercise and diet so they maintain this unwanted fat that they have carried around for years and which have started to make them feel insecure about.

So if you also have this issue, it might be the right moment for you to turn to liposuction treatment in Turkey to help you remove those extra fat deposits and enjoy your life while feeling comfortable with your appearance.

Medical tourism in Turkey has grown a lot in the recent years attracting thousands of international patients every year. The reason behind it is getting your cosmetic surgery in Turkey has its benefits compared to European. Benefits like getting your operation done by experienced doctors, having incredible service and post operation support, offering a chance to visit beautiful cities like Istanbul, Antalya, etc.

While all ofthese advantages are apparent the cost is much more affordable than it is in Europe or the UK. And for United Kingdom citizens there is no visa needed. If you are from the USA it is only $76.50.


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Which Methods Of Liposuction are Used in Turkey?

There are 4 different procedures used in Turkey that are taking place using advanced technology and technique. When you arrive in Turkey you will have a initial consultation with your doctor and speak about the process, learn about the details and ask any questions you may have about the procedure. Then he/she will be choosing the right method of surgery for you to undergo depending on the desired outcome you request, and therefore it will be done under hands with experience.

The first method is called’Tumescent Liposuction’ and it involves a sterile solution (a combination of salt water) being injected by the surgeon to aid fat removal. There’s also a painkiller (lidocaine) and a medication (epinephrine) that stimulates blood vessels to constrict. The afflicted region swells and stiffens as a result of the fluid mixes.

The second one is’Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction’ and it entails the surgeon inserting a metal rod that produces ultrasonic radiation underneath the skin. Fat cells walls are torn, and the fat is broken down, making extraction simpler. VASER assisted liposuction is a newer kind of UAL that employs a method to improve skin sculpting while lowering the risk of skin damage.

The third one is’Laser-assisted Liposuction’in this method a high-intensity laser-light is used to break down fat in order to remove it. A laser fibre is used by the surgeon to emulsify fat deposits via a tiny incision in the skin during LAL. The fat is subsequently extracted using a cannula.

The last one is’Power assisted Lipo’ and in this method, a cannula that moves back and forth quickly is employed. The surgeon may chop resistant fat more easily and quickly with this vibration. PAL will reduce pain and edoema while also enabling the surgeon to remove fat more precisely. Your surgeon will recommend this operation if you have a lot of fat to remove or if you’ve had a prior liposuction operation.

How is Liposuction Surgery Performed in Turkey?

Liposuction surgery is typically performed in the morning. Because liposuction will need anesthesia, total NPO, Nil per Orally is recommended. At least 8 hours before Liposuction Surgery, no liquid or solid food should be ingested.

Liposuction therapy might take less or more time, being conditional on a variety of factors. The time it takes to finish each of the preceding liposuction methods varies.

Keep in mind that the highest amount of fat that may be safely harvested is roughly 5 litres. Still, the quantity of fat to be sucked by liposuction is determined by the individual circumstances of each patient. It might be either higher or lower. And it can be performed on Cheeks, Chin, Neck, Jawline, Upper Arm, Breast, Back, Arms, Abdomen, Buttocks, Inner and Outer Thighs, Back of the Thighs, Inner Knees, Tummy, Front of Knees, Legs, Calves, and Ankles.

As for how it is done, a cannula is inserted via minor incisions of 2 mm to 3 mm by the liposuction surgeon. The cannula has already been linked to a high-suction machine that will suck and extract the fat cellulite fluid. Because of the anaesthetic effects, you will be observed for the following 2–3 hours following Liposuction Surgery. After that, freshwater will be delivered, followed by a small meal with 100% fruit juice.

Once you are stabilised, a laparoscopic surgeon will release you. After an 8–10 hour wait, you will usually be released the same day. You will need to see the Liposuction surgeon again in a few days to check on your recuperation and outcomes.

It is important to remember that localized fat is permanently removed during the procedure. After liposuction, the patient’s body contour will be preserved, and the patient will not gain weight.

What Should be Considered Before and After the Surgery?

Before you arrive at the clinic there are certain instructions you should follow For the safety of these surgical operations. For instance

2 weeks before you arrive at the hospital you should avoid taking certain medications such as aspirin as it can increase bleeding or any anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal.

10 days before the treatment you should stop taking any supplements and quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

One day before the surgery you should wear comfy clothes and sleep well. On the surgery day you are required to stop eating or drinking 7 hours before the procedure based on the reason that it is going to be under general anaesthesia. Also you are going to be signing a content form right before.

As for after the procedure your specialist will provide you with a recovery period plan which includes resting time, prescribed anti-biotics, painkillers and how to put on the compression garment(a special corset). You should start moving as soon as possible to preventblood clots but stay away from heavy activities for at least a month.

Also complete rest is advised for 1-2 days and they will be removing the stitches in the third or the fourth day. You can return to your daily routine after 4-5 days and the final results will be noticeable after three months.

Who is Eligible to Get Liposuction in Turkey?

First you need to know that liposuction is not suitable for losing weight. The techniques are available for people who require their obsinate fats which won’t go away with working out or dieting to be gone. Other than that there are some conditions that might mean that you can\’t have the surgery, including pregnancy, smoking, a history of thromboembolic disease, heart disease, advance obesity, wound healing disorder, diabetes, etc. But if you are not sure whether you are a good candidate for this procedure or not we advise you to contact a professional to make sure.

Is Having Liposuction in Turkey Safe?

While the risks of a procedure such as Bruising, infection, fluid accumulation, irregular pigmentation, etc. When the expert team of Turkish plastic surgeons are the ones who perform your operation in the accredited clinics of Turkey, you can be stress free when booking a date for your treatment. Also the country has one of the best healthcare and aftercare(up to a year) system. So is is safe to say that there will be no health threatening consequences

Liposuction In Turkey

How Much Does Liposuction Cost In Turkey?

One of the common worries people have is that the surgery is going to affect breastfeeding in the future but that is not true at all and the surgery does not have a negative impact on this subject.

Furthermore, while the known risks of a surgery under general anesthesia such as bleeding and infection and also for this method loss of sensation in the nipple are apparent, with a clinic that is working under high standards, running your tests and the group of expert surgeons in Turkey doing your surgery it is completely secure and guaranteed to not come across any of these risks.