1-Healthcentersantalya.com’s website aims to protect and keep all your personal information protected and allow -you to experience the highest level of technical infrastructure throughout your usage. Healthcentersantalya.com ‘s website has introduced a range of privacy standards for your privacy, personal information and data protection. This Privacy Policy is set out and declared to be applicable to the collection and use of data on the Healthcentersantalya.com website and all sub-Internet pages.

2-All of these concepts specified as visiting and/or using and/or subscribing to the website of Healthcentersantalya.com shall be deemed approved by the Consumer. In the “Privacy Note” area, you can still do stuff like fixing and upgrading without note in response to your feedback with one of the email addresses on the Healthcentersantalya.com website. Healthcentersantalya.com website may update the “Privacy Statement” section on a periodic basis and the user may be aware of new developments by visiting this section on a periodic basis.

3-The website Healthcentersantalya.com shall not reveal to third parties any privacy, personal information or data transmitted electronically from the website www.healthcentersantalya.com to its visitors or users, nor shall it reveal any data relating to disease or personal health issues. Healthcentersantalya.com website can work in various ways with a variety of third party organizations and organizations in order to make effective use of the services they provide. Such collaboration, advertisement, sponsorship, marketing authorisation, data sharing and other legitimate commercial methods. The website Healthcentersantalya.com declares and undertakes to provide means of communication/marketing for its communications operations, as allowed by law and, in particular, by the International Health Law, means not to communicate the request of the user and to allow the user to exit the system freely and easily. Healthcentersantalya.com shall not exchange, sell or authorize any third party to use or reveal private information / personal data or information transmitted to it, other than for the purposes set out above, for the purposes of the collection of information.

4-To register/register on the Healthcentersantalya.com website, you should provide some personal information about yourself, e.g. (your name, surname, phone number, and e-mail address) so that you can access a range of services and content addresses. The details must be submitted via forms to the website of Healthcentersantalya.com. This information that Healthcentersantalya.com can request during registration may be stored in the system. These personal details can also be used to connect with users, where applicable. Details that may be sought from the website of Healthcentersantalya.com, details transmitted by the consumer or relevant information set out in transactions made via the Platform shall be analyzed by the website of Healthcentersantalya.com and by other individuals and organizations with whom it cooperates, without any specific identity of the user, by means of e-mails, on-the-spot contact, and marketing, database creation. If you want to avoid receiving e-bulletins, you can easily exit one of the e-newsletter members by clicking on the “Click to exit our newsletter list” link at the bottom of the newsletters we send at any time.

5-The website Healthcentersantalya.com will provide links to other sites on the Site. You may publish advertisements and/or application forms for different services to third parties and may guide Users to advertisers or third-party websites through such forms and advertisements. Healthcentersantalya.com website assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the privacy practices and policies of other sites accessed via this connection or for the content found therein.

6-User’s personal details shall be interpreted as the name and surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other information intended to identify the user. Healthcentersantalya.com website will not reveal any personal details to organizations or third parties with which the website Healthcentersantalya.com does not collaborate unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Policy.

7-Healthcentersantalya.com’s website reserves the duty to keep confidential information exclusively secret and confidential to you, to recognize it as an obligation to keep it confidential and to protect and retain confidentiality, to avoid any unauthorized use or disclosure of any portion or portion of the confidential information, to take all required precautions and to provide full proof of confidentiality.

8-The website Healthcentersantalya.com can collect information on the usage of the website Healthcentersantalya.com users and users by means of a cookie, a technical contact file. The technical contact files cited are made up of tiny text files that the website sends to the browser of the user to be saved in the main memory. The technical communication file promotes the usage of the Internet by storing the related status and basic preference settings on the user’s web site device. The technical communication file is used to collect statistical information about how many people use the website in terms of time, what intent, how many times a person visits the website, how much time they have visited and how long they have stayed, and to create dynamically varied advertising and content from user pages specially designed for users. It was designed and used to support it. The technical correspondence file is not supposed to obtain any other personal information from the main memory. Most scanners are configured to accept this technical communication file during installation, but users can still change the settings of the scanners so that they are not stored in the computers of the technical communication file or are alerted when such a file is sent.

9-Information that may be requested from users who respond to periodic or non-periodic surveys that may be arranged on the website of Healthcentersantalya.com may also be used on the website of Healthcentersantalya.com and its co-operating individuals or organizations to perform direct marketing, statistical analysis, and may be used.
10-Healthcentersantalya.com can modify the terms of this Privacy Notice to the degree that it is posted on the Healthcentersantalya.com website at any time it deems appropriate. The provisions on the privacy statement amended by the website of Healthcentersantalya.com shall be considered to have come into force on the date posted on the relevant page