Smile Design in Turkey

Smile can be overshadowed by various causal factors, the likes of dental and oral health, the stains left on the teeth by consumed food and beverages, periodontal disorders and dental crowding in tooth alignment. Smile disorders badly affecting people’s social lives can bring about lack of self-confidence. This situation makes people unhappy. In this case, individualized smile design can be a great way of solution that is implemented with aesthetic dentistry practices powered by scientific studies and technological developments.

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What Is An Individualized Smile Design?

The design of smile is the blend of both dentistry and art. Aesthetic dentistry practices being performed to make people’s smile perfect take into consideration people’s face shape, lip structure, skin colour, the measures of the organs on the face, tooth and gingival structure. The designing process of smile handles people’s physical properties in an important way so as to meet the expectations.

The main aim in designing smile as a comprehensive approach is to design a facial system where the teeth, muscles, tissues, joints and bones all operate in a synergical way while demonstrating a visually preferred set of teeth.

For the individuals who can’t feel okay with their smile, various clinics provide high-profile services in accordance with the patients’ needs to get the best results.

The Steps in Designing Smile

The aesthetic necessities people have signalize the procedures to be applied. Aesthetic adversities which make people hide their smile and feel uncomfortable with their smile are treated in the process of smile design. These procedures are similar to the ones of periodontal disorders, decayed teeth, interdental embrasures, tooth bleaching, implants, veneers, prosthesis and orthodontic remedies. Additionally, innovations such as invisible braces, including bleaching, lamina porcelain, laser treatment and other cosmetic treatments are available for the patients’ needs. The procedures give people’s faces their most appropriate and best smile. 

How to Go Through Smile Design?

In spite of the fact that designing smile is applied for people’s aesthetic needs, it should be functional considering the patients’ goals. Prior to identifying and applying the procedures for smile design, people’s expectations have to be explicitly comprehended. In line with the requests of the patients, the adversities which overshadow the aesthetics of the patients’ smiles should be clearly identified, and all possible procedures should be applied to put the related problems out of sight. The procedures for designing a smile that differentiates between people’s physical characteristics take at least a few days and up to two weeks based on the degree of the challenge in the treatment.

Smile design is extremely important to make people happier and more confident in their social lives. It is possible to look younger by making your smile better. Brighter and healthier teeth are possible more than ever.

If you encounter the concept of dental health, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world from the angle of quality in service and patient satisfaction. Turkey is on the forefront with quality service and low costs. The country hosts patients from all corners of the world.Dental and oral health services as well as in cosmetic terms including smile design are provided in “Oral and Dental Health” clinics in the country that is the nationwide network of state and private hospitals.

Foreign nationals with general health insurance can make use of dental and oral health services free of charge in university and state hospitals. By virtue of the recent legal arrangements, people having universal health insurance can also benefit from services provided by private hospitals under certain conditions.

As a third option, some dentists operate their own inspection clinics. These dentists work independently and have their own rates. They mostly don’t operate under general and private health insurance.

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