5 Reasons To Get Zirconia Crowns

zirconia crowns advantages

Zirconia crowns are one of the most popular dental solutions used in dentistry. When it comes to the restoration of your natural teeth by protecting them, more and more dentists opt for zirconia dental crowns rather than traditional dental crowns such as porcelain fused to metal or gold crowns.

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Here below, we have listed 5 advantages why you should get zirconium crowns.

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1- Zirconia Dental Crowns are Biocompatible

Zirconia crowns are the best choice for many dentists due to their biocompatibility which means it is less likely to create an allergic reaction and tooth damage in your mouth. It has no adverse effect on your surrounding teeth, adjacent teeth, opposing teeth, or other teeth. Even if you have disadvantages like metal allergy and etc., you can still get a zirconia crown. This advantage of zirconia makes it a great option for most people and patients.

2- Zirconia Crowns are Customizable

Zirconia crowns are incredibly capable of being customized, unlike porcelain crowns. Dentistry can easily make your teeth the exact shape and size you want. You can transform your appearance by changing the shape of your teeth or a tooth with a zirconia crown.

With this zirconia customization, your tooth can look just like your natural tooth. When your new zirconia is ready, your dentist can cement it to your teeth. Even after this restoration in your mouth, your dentist can easily modify and adjust your teeth.

zirconia crowns reviews
advantages of zirconia crowns
zirconia crowns

3- Zirconia Crowns are Durable

One of the best benefits of a zirconia crown, among others, is it is so durable and long-lasting. Actually, zirconia is five times stronger than porcelain and ceramic materials. Also, these zirconia crowns can improve your bite mechanism, which is caused by the wear and tear of everyday use of teeth by patients.

4- The Color of Zirconia Restorations

Zirconia can be made in any color you like, and the color of your zirconia crowns can be changed to match your dream smile appearance or natural teeth color. Your dentist can match the color of the material zirconia to your actual tooth with a ceramic appearance that is damaged or worn down, or worn out. In addition to its ceramic-like appearance, material zirconia is stain-resistant! One of the disadvantages of your actual tooth is it’s actually more likely to stain than material zirconia. In this way, your tooth will look bright and beautiful in health.

5- Zirconia Crown is Resistant to Temperature Changes

The material zirconia dioxide is naturally resistant to temperature changes and does not put any pressure or stress on your teeth so that you can easily get rid of the discomfort of consuming too hot or too cold foods and beverages and enjoy your favorite foods with health.

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Zirconium vs Porcelain

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Zirconia Crowns Reviews

Zirconia crowns have opaque appearance, so it looks less natural compared with the other materials. Zirconia crowns have though material which can be negative impact on the neighbour teeth, but this is a situation that could be taken under control with the proper care and proper dental control. Its minimality is also one of the disadvantages.

In terms of strengthness and durability, zirconia crowns are much more better compared with the porcelain and porcelain fused to metal restorations. 

As zirconia crowns are strength and durable materials, they can be good idea for your back teeth. If you have chewing problems while eating, your back teeth may need to a hard material. 

A zirconia crown can last 10 – 15 years with a proper oral and dental care. The longevity is one of the most advantages of zirconia crowns.