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An idea that came up in 2012, cause hundreds of people to be happy and smile healthy for every month.

Dental Clinics in Turkey

Regain your confidence!

This idea that came up with by our founders who having 25 years tourism and travel agency experience, growing every day and expanding its effective field. Right now HCT have two A-Class dental clinic in Istanbul and Antalya.

We Help You Stay Healthy

System is "everything"

Previously, we have helped our own tourism passengers and find a solution for everything they would like to do in Turkey. In 2022 of this journey, we are proud of having two different clinics in Istanbul and Antalya.

We know treatment and holiday is different area, but we thought how we combine those ideas in a common part and we improved two different clinic principles in different concepts. Previous clinics in whose we did not be owner, we helped our passengers to take treatments. It was very good at the beginning, but later, the system has started to cause some problems in its own inside. What we realized is that people were waiting too much at the clinics.

The number of clinics has also increased with the in accordance with the demand from abroad, but quality rate has severely decreased. That’s why, we have opened clinics in İstanbul and Antalya for troubleshooting those problems and giving high quality services.

With totally 25 clinic staff, 6 experts, 4 VIP transfer cars, 13 – persons administrator and office team, we are working for giving high quality services to our each customers.

In both HCT clinics, we collaborate with Strauman, Medentika and Megagen implant brands. For crown products, Ivoclar and Vita brands have been used.