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Affordable, trustworthy and reliable dental clinics in Antalya & Istanbul.

Since 2012, our cutting-edge Turkish dental clinics have helped thousands rediscover their radiant smiles. Staffed by experienced dentists, we offer exceptional dental services. Don’t wait – contact us today to schedule an appointment and start your journey towards a dazzling new smile.


Trusted by over 7000 Health Seekers Worldwide since 2012.

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Surgical Treatments​

Any surgical procedure designed to repair or reconstruct injured, diseased or malformed tissue to restore normal appearance and function.


Smile Design

As Health Centers Turkey, we help you to improve your smile design. Whether you would like to get smile makeover or dental implant for a single tooth, flaunt your smile with us.


Why you work with us?

We provide advanced, trusted dental care delivered
by a dedicated team in our modern dentist practice in Turkey.

Since 2012, HCT has professionally brought people from England, America, Australia, France and Germany to Turkey for their dental and other treatments. Thanks not only to their specialist dentists and their collaborations in the tourism sector, but HCT has also presented a matchless service. HCT, using high technology in Istanbul and Antalya clinics, has given short time perfectly results in treatments for people.

HCT clinics have been in the middle of Antalya and Istanbul. With smooth customer service and support, 5-Star hotel and VIP customer service, HCT has ensured treatments and excellent memories and a matchless experience. If you interest more please visit dental holiday in turkey article.

How to fix your
dental needs?

If you have decided what your dental treatment is but do not know how and when you will do it, you are at the right place. We ensure you have a wonderful holiday while receiving your treatment in Antalya and Istanbul Clinics.

Please, with All-Inclusive Hotel and VIP transportation with him, both will have a great time. We complete your Full Mouth Dental Implant, Full Set Veneers, Laminate Veneers, and Hollywood Smile treatments quickly.

Don’t forget to imagine a 70% chance of comparing teeth in Turkey according to your country. In addition, we think that not only the cost of treatment but also the use of experience and quality products is essential.

With the latest dental technology, we ensure patients get the best dental services. As HCT, we offer the latest dental technology for all treatments, from smile makeovers to gum contouring. We do our best to get the best dental experience in Antalya and Istanbul clinics. Contact us today to get a free consultation.

After you decide on the treatment, we book 5-star and well-known hotels for you. Hotels host a wide range of international visitors and are approved by customers. After we professionally book a free hotel appointment for you, you will enjoy your advanced dental holiday!

After you decide on your treatment, you will not deal with anything related to the procedures. Whatever treatment you decide, you will get the treatment at the best dentist in Turkey. Our experienced dental team will help you in the best manner. Get a consultation from our experienced dentist and decide your treatment.

Antalya is a tourist city that is in the Mediterranean region of Turkey and famous for places like beaches, nightclubs, dance nights, and historical. Our clinic hosts people who need all treatments from cosmetic dental to orthodontic treatments. From accommodation to transportation, our professional team guides you to get services in the best manner.

As HCT, we use high-quality materials during your treatment and apply European – standard procedures. We use the latest technology that includes all technologies from cad-cam technologies to soft tissue lasers. Do not spend your time searching for dentistry abroad. HCT consider your treatment, and we are proud of this!

In HCT clinics, Straumann, Medentika, Cowellmedi, Nobel and Megagen implant brands have been used. We prefer Ivoclar and Vıta brands for crowns and veneers. At the same time, HCT clinics have panoramic X-Ray. With CAD/CAM technologies, our experienced dentists will do their best for your beautiful smile and dental health. All products that we use are accepted by FDA and have CE certificates.

You will take all dental treatments in Turkey. Dental implant treatment, zirconium crown treatment, veneers treatment and much more. You will get all dental treatments in premium quality.

Costumer Reviews

Discover the genuine happiness of our valued patients showcased in our post-treatment videos. Witness their transformative experiences and the sheer delight they found in their stay. These heartfelt testimonials depict the authenticity of our services and the excellence of their journey with us. The satisfaction radiating from their smiles speaks volumes about the quality of care and comfort they received.

Rest assured, these videos are entirely genuine, reflecting the real experiences of individuals we’ve had the privilege to assist. At our clinic, we are committed to delivering nothing short of exceptional service, ensuring your complete well-being and rejuvenation should you choose to embark on your healing journey with us.


Are you ready for dental treatment abroad?

We provide advanced, trusted dental care
delivered by a dedicated team in our modern dentist practice in Turkey.

Are you looking for a dental centre in Turkey? Then, you are at the right place. As Health Centre Turkey, we have two dental centres in Antalya and Istanbul. In addition, dental centres that have been in both cities have unique locations. Since 2012, we have given the best dental treatment to lovely customers. In our clinics, we perform dental veneers, dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry, single tooth implant, bone graft sinus lifting, composite bonding, and laser teeth whitening.

 After you send your flying ticket to us, we will launch your dental, hotel, and VIP transfer car appointments and send confirmation to you! You are so close to a perfect smile with 15 years of experience dentist. During your treatment, you will have a dream smile with our experienced oral surgeon and smile design specialists by communicating one to one. Our clinics use top-grade dental technology to offer you the best quality premium dental treatments. Dental technology includes CAD / CAM technology, smile design software, 3D tomography, and panoramic x-ray devices.

 Except for the cost we send you via Whatsapp and mail, there is no hidden cost.

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