Dental holiday Turkey is one of the most common words heard about dental tourism in Turkey. When we say holiday, we generally think about sunbathing at the beach, drinking cocktails, or having fun at parties, etc. But lately, there is a new way to be on holiday and it is getting increasingly popular each day. It is called dental travel Turkey.

As it is well known, dental treatment in Turkey offers lower costs than the other many countries such as Europe, America, Holland, the United Kingdom, Germany, etc.

While enjoying dental holiday Turkey, you will undergo unforgettable memories. Turkey offers amazing touristic places for visitors. From beaches to the touristic places, you will enjoy Turkey while you getting dental treatments. 

So, why not travel to Turkey, which is the best country for dental teeth well-being, to get your low cost dental treatments such as dental veneers, teeth cleaning, or dental implants, and spend your dental holiday in Turkey at affordable prices? Get your perfect smile with bright teeth at Health Centers Turkey. In this part, we are going to look at dental holiday Turkey in extended way. You will learn everything that you probably undergo in Turkey. Please do not hesitate to text us in case you have any question about Dental Holiday Turkey.

Dental Holiday Turkey Reviews

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Why You Should Have Turkey Dental Holidays?

According to the data from the Ministry of Health, Turkey hosted around 1 million international patients in 2021. In 2023, 1.5 million international patients and 10 billion dollars of income are predicted. In terms of oral and dental health, the demand for Turkey is increasing day by day. So, choose a clinic in Turkey for state-of-the-art dental treatment and premium dental care. More reasons for you to prefer Turkey for the dental holiday are listed below!

1. Affordable Prices

The reason why Turkey is preferred for dental holidays is that we have the same highest quality dental treatments in our clinics for much cheaper costs than other foreign countries accompanied by a wonderful holiday. A tourist traveling to Antalya sees that the sum of expenses such as accommodation, low cost flights and hotel, and dental treatment is less than the cost of only dental treatment in any European country. Those expensive procedures are much more affordable for other countries thanks to the Turkish lira currency.

2. Well-equipped Dental Clinics and Specialist Dentists

Turkey, which is among the top ten most visited countries in the world in terms of dental health tourism, is also one of the leading countries in the world for dentistry and dental treatments with its dental clinic equipped with the latest technologies and skillful dental surgeons that are experts in dental care.

3. Easy and Effortless Communication

When you come for your dental problems in Turkey you will not have any problems with communication. That’s because most of the Turkish people and our Turkish dentists can talk fluently in English or a translator can accompany you, as you wish.

4. Short Period of Waiting Times

Our patients experience concise waiting times for the dental treatments that we perform in our clinics and in Turkey, unlike in Europe. Our patients do not have to wait for months or even weeks for an appointment rather than they can make their travel plan in a short time.

5. Safety and Risks

Due to security reasons, many patients wonder if a dental holiday to Turkey is safe, are there any risks behind it? According to the treatment and dental surgery, the risks are changeable. With experienced dentists in Turkey, the risk is minimized by taking precautions against all known negativities. Turkey offers great and first class dental treatments for you. So why don’t you travel to Turkey and pick one of the dental holiday packages?


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Where Should You Go For Dental Tourism Turkey?

If you have decided to get a smile makeover in Turkey, then you are likely to wonder where to get it. Where is actually the best place and clinic for getting oral health treatments such as same day dental implants, dental crowns, teeth whitening, smile design, etc. with the best prices?

We can offer patients Antalya and Istanbul where our dental clinics are located. Here below we have given brief information about them!

Dental Holiday Turkey Antalya

Everyone knows that Antalya, Turkey is the dental centre and the heart of tourism as well as dental tourism too. For dental holiday Turkey Antalya, we can mention more than 100.000 international patients prefer coming to Turkey to get dental treatments. For its holiday resorts, historical sites, beautiful and fresh air, pure and clean beaches, ancient cities, natural beauty, and friendly Turkish people; Antalya is the apple of Turkey’s eye and the best holiday destination for decades.

While you get your dental treatment at our clinic, you can make your holiday plan and take a trip to Antalya’s most amazing places and also enjoy the beach with your loved ones. You can have a great holiday experience, take care of your dental health and get rid of all your dental problems, and regain your dream smile in our dental clinic in Antalya, Turkey.

Moreover, you can get the best treatment at reasonable prices and an expert team of dentist will lead you. Since the treatments will take a short period of time, you can arrange the holiday located in Antalya, Turkey

You can save up to 70 % on your treatment in Turkey. Contact us now, we will email you the details. Make an online booking, choose dental tourism packages, and combine your dental holiday Turkey with an amazing Mediterranean vacation!

Istanbul Dental Tourism

Another dental centre Turkey is Istanbul. Istanbul welcomes a huge amount of international patients coming from all around the world for a first class dental holiday in Turkey. You can get the best treatment here for very low prices compared to Europe.

Istanbul fascinates its visitors with its magnificent natural beauties, palaces, mansions, museums, parks and gardens, monuments, towers, culture, and much more. It unites the Asian and European continents.

Hence, Istanbul is one of the best dental tourism centres ever. You can choose a dental package or a tourism package to have your treatment abroad. What are you waiting for? Be fast and plan your holiday destination to Istanbul and make unforgettable memories here!

Dental Treatment Services for Dental Vacation Turkey

We provide accommodation and food needs for our customers from abroad. Our patients stay in a luxury hotel and residences with utmost comfort. We also, transfer our clients with special cars from the airport to the dental clinic and to the hotel. We offer legal guarantees and a safe trip with your first step in Turkey. We welcome many patients from the UK and all around the world every year. Additionally, we definitely do not charge you any hidden costs. Here are the more free dental services that you will get!

  1. 5 Star Hotel Accommodation

  2. V.I.P Car Transfers preference

  3. Free Panoramic X-Ray

  4. Free Anesthesia

  5. Free Bone Graft

  6. Free Consultation

  7. Free Medicine

  8. Free Istanbul Ship Tour

Dental Tourism Turkey Prices

Dental treatment prices are changing from dentist to dentist, clinic to clinic, and patients to patients. Below, there is a list of dental treatment prices in the Health Center Turkey clinics.

Dental Treatment Price
Dental Implant Treatment 160£
Composite Bonding 80£
Dental Veneers 100 £
Dental Crown Treatment 150£
Smile Makeover 150
Laser Gum Contouring 150£

Hollywood Smile Turkey

Dental Crowns

Veneers Turkey

Dental Tourism Turkey Packages

Dental Tourism Turkey Packages includes hotel accommodation, breakfast, VIP transfer car service, and medicine in only one single treatment plan. If you have any question about dental tourism package deals, do not hesitate to consult to our experienced dentists! You can contact us on Whatsapp, phone call or mail. 

Dental Treatment Price
All On 4 Dental Implant Package 3400£
All on 6 Dental Implant Package 4900£
Full Set Porcelain Package 2750£
Full Set Zirconia Package 3000£
Full Set E-Max Crown Package 3400£
Full Set Laminate Veneers Package 3000£

Full Mouth Dental Implant Turkey

All on 4 Dental Implants

Al on 6 Dental Implant Turkey

Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implant treatment in Turkey is one of the most popular treatment among patients. That is mostly because getting your teeth done with implants in Turkey’s dental clinic is so much cheaper than in Europe. You will need a total of two visits to Turkey. For the first visit, 4 days are required and for the second visit 7 days are required on average. You can get your new smile with turkey teeth implants thanks to the 10 years experienced dental team!  

Moreover, dental clinic in Turkey offers a wide range of dental implant brands for patients. You can get your perfect smile design with dental implant treatment. And, for most of the clinic’s teeth whitening is also included as a package.

Before Having Dental Trips to Turkey, Get Free Quotes From Experienced Dentists!

If you’ve made up your mind, please do not forget to contact our patient coordinators before you visit Turkey. We can prepare the best treatment for you with our professional dentists. Contact us now, and have your dental holiday and get your teeth done in Turkey for very affordable prices in our latest technology dental clinic!

Dental implant is artificial tooth structures to fix dental issues such as missing teeth, tooth decay or severely damaged teeth. Dental implant treatment is one of the most used treatments in dentistry for dental holiday Turkey.

Secondly, after the dental bonding procedure, the composite bonding – tooth (or teeth) is hardened by Ultra Violet light. Due to its effect, the patient can bite down anything right after the operation.

Third of all is absolutely low cost! Composite bonding cost is less compared with the other aesthetic treatments. The cost of composite bonding in Turkey is really appealing for people!

The other one of the advantages is that it is unnecessary to need special care. Daily care and cleaning are enough for composite bonding. No need for anaesthetic or drilling for composite Bonding due to your tooth conditions, so this is excellent news for the ones who scare and frightened by these dental operations. Also, the composite bonding treatment does not give you any pain or irritating condition. Furthermore, composite bonding restoration can last 4 or 5 years due to its price and quality.

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