CAD technology means Computer-Aided-Design and CAM technology means Computer-Aided-Manufacturing. Both of them are used to design and manufacture prototypes, finished products and production runs of product. There are a lot of benefits of CAD/CAM technologies in dentistry about integration,accuracy and time-saving more and more. As Health Centers Turkey, we care using the latest technologies like CAD/CAM that can be used in 2D and 3D. Before starting your treatment, CAD/CAM technologies extremely help us about how to draw a path in your treatment. About CAD/CAM technologies, we are working with perfectly good technicians. Are you wondering dental treatment that we performed with the help of CAD/CAM technologies? Click here.



Panoramic X-Ray provides us to see failures in the jaw and teeth. In case we come across invisible points, Panoramic X-Ray helps us to determine decay, tumor, etc. Before starting your treatment, we use Panoramic X-Ray to give dental treatment in the best manner.


As Health Center Turkey, we have used the latest technology since 2012. We are always following trends and technologies. For you, we do our best to get you high-quality dental treatment. We give CAD/CAM technologies and Panaromix X-Ray services free for you. From accommodation to transportation, we work with 5-stars hotels and VIP Cars. Your healthy smiles are our motivation, so we use not only the latest technologies in dentistry but we work with well-known brands as well. Are you wondering which brands we work with? Click here.