First of all, if you read this content, your first question is, “how much is full mouth dental implant price in Turkey?” and here is the answer Full Mouth Dental Implant Turkey prices start from 2400 Euro to 13000 GBP. Total price changing treatment plan and material brand. Dental implants are metal things or frames surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, your dentist can mount replacement teeth onto them. Knowing that full-mouth dental implants are permanent is a great relief to patients. With full-mouth dental implants, people can return to life as they previously would. Be ready to eat the foods they love without restrictions and participate in social situations in meals without worrying about slippage.

What is Implant ?

In short, an implant is a screw made of titanium. This screw’s working system is the same as the teeth root. If you do not have any teeth in your mouth, implants play a role as roots by placing them there. So, crowns will be added onto implants, and you will be able to use again the parts of your mouth that you have not used.

Full mouth implant applications are a treatment done by placing implants into the mouth whose people have wobbly or no teeth. We target removing the nutrition and oral health problem at the treatment’s end. Implant treatments are performed as All-on-4 or All-on-6. This treatment that has been performed for the last 60 years has proven its safety and improved daily.

What are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

An all-on-4 implant is a kind of implant treatment that places eight implants, four implants for the upper jaw and four for the lower jaw. If you have a tiny mouth structure, All-on-4 treatment can have great results! You can visit this page for more detailed information about the All-on-4 treatment.

What are All-on-6 Implants?

All-on-6 implant treatment is a kind of treatment that places 12 implants which is six implants to the upper jaw and six implants for the lower jaw. At the end of this treatment, patients will have 24 or 28 teeth. This treatment generally requires people with solid jaw or vast mouth structures. Compared with the all-on-4 implant treatment, all-on-6-implant have a more durable structure.

Who Needs to Make Dental Implant?

The need to have teeth extracted in our dental clinic in turkey is usually for one of two reasons; extensive decay or bone loss resulting from periodontal disease. Thankfully, we have come a long way, and that is no longer the case. Dental implants are usually the best option for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to replace one or multiple teeth. Why choose it? It improves the quality of life; it is built to last; it preserves remaining teeth, looks natural, and will have no decay.

Full mouth dental implants in turkey are miracles for missing most or all their teeth. Not only do full-mouth dental implants look and feel natural, but they’re also permanent.

Since full-mouth dental implants are more popular than dentures among patients, let’s explore full-mouth dental implants in a little more depth.

Full mouth dental implants will be one of the best solutions if you miss all your teeth. You probably know the discomfort and embarrassment that go along with missing teeth. If you’re using dentures, you’re probably aware of some of the downsides of that treatment.

Which is Better? Dental Implants vs Dentures

Full mouth dental implants and dentures are popular solutions among patients. However, they differ from each other for various reasons. Let’s go on.

They differ from dentures, which can be removed during the day and at night or from bridges and crowns that need ongoing maintenance and replacement. Full mouth dental implants are a permanent and beautiful solution for missing teeth. Dental implants, also known as fixtures, are placed directly in the jaw bone and become permanent. So, it means no more adhesive, removal, and meticulous cleaning than you would with dentures.

-Dentures often come with clasps and an attachment framework – they look nice. Still, there is the risk of slippage, making patients self-conscious and leading them to avoid some foods. Dental implants are placed directly to the jawbone, so stability is never an issue. They’re permanent and look and feel like your natural teeth – it won’t be long before you forget they’re there!

-Full mouth or full set dental implants are superior to dentures, including dental and bone health. One risk with dentures is they can result in bone deterioration, leading to more significant dental issues and severe problems in the jaw bone. However, dental implants are integrated with the jaw bone, which means that the implants never compromise your bone health.

Full-mouth dental implants or complete sets are poor maintenance, especially with the fixtures or dental implants. The dental implants attach permanently to your bone, so there’s no removal for cleaning or support and likely no need for replacement. Instead, you treat them with implants like your healthy teeth, merely brushing and flossing twice daily.

Before Starting Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment

What you should do at first is to start taking antibiotics one week before the treatment. Suppose our experienced dentist determines infection in your mouth at the first control and this infection rate is high. In that case, our dentist will ask you to use an antibiotic, and the treatment calendar will be delayed. In health tourism, missing the return ticket is something we never would like. Suppose the infection does not heal in a short period. In that case, your dentist may refuse to start the treatment and implant treatment may be delayed.

Please remember implant treatment is not a simple application. In literature, implant treatment is counted as surgery. During this treatment, please remember you will be applying local anaesthesia. Please let the dentist know if you have an allergy to local anaesthesia.

If you use an anticoagulant, you should quit taking it one week before the treatment. Also, if you have Type-1 or Type-2 diabetes, you should share this information with the dentist.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment - First Visit

At the first visit, your dentist will control the inside of your mouth and bone health with the help of Panoramic X-Ray or 3D tomography. If you do not have teeth for a long while, this can cause receding gums or gingival recession. In this situation, recreating a new bone can be aimed at with the bone graft material.

After those transactions, your dentist will do live control and check the last situation of your mouth. Then, the teeth in your mouth are checked one by one, and teeth that probably cause the problem are extracted. However, suppose the dentist does not determine any problem in your mouth and ensures the teeth are durable. In that case, they can be used to support implants by contouring instead of extraction.

If you do not have any mouth problems preventing the treatment, your treatment starts quickly. First, the dentist extracts the teeth if needed and starts placing implants into the mouth.

First Day of Full Mouth Dental Implants

In implant treatments, first transactions generally take 2-3 hours, but this process can take up the 4-5 hours depending on paralleling the mouth situation and the tiring level of the patient. If the patient does not feel tired symptoms, dentists would like to place all implants into the mouth on the same day. In some situations, dentists only place the implant into one jaw if the patient is tired or feels traumatic symptoms in the jaw. Then, the following day, the dentist does the rest of it.

On the first day of implant treatment, teeth are extracted if needed, and all treatment that should be done in the jaw is completed, such as Bone graft or Sinus Lifting. After that, some painkillers and antibiotics are described to the patient. It is probably possible to feel pain 4-5 hours after the treatment. That’s why taking painkillers and antibiotics is essential, according to the dentist’s suggestion. For the first day, it is recommended to have soup in general. Soup and mashed potato are excellent meals for the first day of implant treatment.

The Last Day of The First Visit

After the first day, the most beneficial and beautiful thing you do is to rest. Please remember your mouth has met with new material that picks them for life-long lasting, and it will take time to accept them. On the third or fourth day of the first visit, your dentist may need to do the last check. This three-day process hints at how the healing period is to actualise. The healing period can take three to 6 months, varying from person to person, depending on the patient’s body health.

full mouth dental implant before-after in turkey
Arturas Jonas full mouth dental implant in turkey

Implant Treatment Healing Period

One of the most asked questions about implant treatment is why the healing period is so long. The healing period is the most important process of this treatment.

What we are targeting in the healing period is to knit jaw bones each other and the process of implant playing a role just like a tooth root. When the implant is placed into the jaw, an interaction starts between the jawbone and the implant. First, the implant surrounds cells in the jawbone. Later, a bone structure starts to show around the implant, which keeps the implant there. Thus, an implant is knitted there and becomes a part of your body. It is impossible to remove an implant that knits completely with the jaw.

Dentists in Turkey say that the healing period will take a minimum of 3 months. Also, this process is the same according to worldwide standards. Becoming implant placed entirely coherent with the body is actualised in 3 months. It can sometimes lengthen out. Later, a second visit can be planned in the 5th or 6th months.

During the healing period, you should prefer eating meals soft, spreading quickly in your mouth and pressing your mouth at a minimum level. This situation can be a complex process for patients, but you should focus on not the process you are in but the end of the treatment. Because your treatment has not been completed yet and there is nothing to be depressed about.

During the healing period, your dentist will recommend you take antibiotics. You can get information about how your healing period proceeds by sending clean and clear visible photos of your teeth. Suppose your dentist has given you temporary teeth during the healing period. In that case, you should be careful about cleaning and take care of your oral hygiene at the maximum level.

About Temporary Teeth

You may think that the biggest problem is temporary teeth of implant treatments. Of course, nobody would like to live with just implants for three months. But, temporary teeth are not as innocent as expected. However, it makes your confidence regain, and it can damage implants. Therefore, we suggest you read this topic carefully.

If all your teeth were extracted and there are just implants in your mouth, it is expected that you do not want to live without teeth. Who wants? Right? Humans are always social. Working life, invitations and meetings… we all know an appearance without teeth is not good. Nevertheless, your health is more important than your social life. For sure, you follow your dentist’s directions.

If you have teeth, temporary teeth made of porcelain can be placed into your mouth without damaging implants. This situation will not stir up trouble so much. However, suppose you do not have any teeth in your mouth. In that case, you have just implants- you should be careful about temporary teeth because temporary teeth will press directly on implants. This situation that we never would like to come across. Please remember combining jaw and implants will take time. However, it is a tiresome process, just keeping on with implants only for three months is the guarantee for the following 25 years of your life!

Full Mouth Dental Implant Second Visit Roadmap - Ready for Smile!

After the challenging 3-months-process, you had better start smiling training because you will have a perfect smile soon.

The second visit starts with routine clinic controls. Our dentist does live control evaluation after she does Panoramic X-Ray and 3D Tomography. If everything is okay, we can move on to designing your new smile.

Your teeth are measured with a 3D scanning device and taken to the technician. Preparing your teeth takes five days on average. Later, when your teeth come, a rehearsal can actualise. Then, zirconium crown, E-Max Crown Porcelain crown etc. are placed onto the implants. In general, zirconia crowns are preferred and have successful results. You will have a flawless smile when the rehearsal is actualised and starts to transactions to place crowns onto implants. After 2 hours, your new smile is ready! Do you wonder about types of dental implants? If yes, you can look here.

How Long Should You Stay in Turkey For Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment?

You will visit Turkey twice for full-mouth dental implant treatment, and the total time you should stay in Turkey is thirteen days. For the first visit, it is enough to stay four nights and five days. For the second visit, staying six nights and seven days is good enough. In the first part of the treatment, you should visit the clinic two times, at the second part of the treatment, you should visit the clinic four times. If the dentist accepts, you can visit extra one more for the first visit, and you will be taken measures for the temporary teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implant After Care?

Everything is okay, all procedures were done, and you have new teeth and a new smile, but please remember how you have it. So, please follow the rules after the treatment.

  1. You should not ever use alcohol during the first two weeks.
  2. You should keep going on eating soft things during the first week.
  3. You should use painkillers and antibiotics until you will finish them.
  4. Master Botox will be a fantastic solution if you have a problem with the gnashing of teeth.
  5. You should avoid hot and cold beverages.

What are the advantages of dental implants in our clinics?

Dental implants are more reliable and durable than restorative ones, such as crowns and bridges cemented into place or removable dentures.

Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. When used to support a dental bridge or crown because multiple teeth are missing, dental implants represent a cavity-resistant and stable foundation for these restorations. Although many therapeutic options exist for replacing missing teeth, none have proven as functionally practical and durable as dental implants. Here’s why we should choose dental implants:

  • A renewed sense of confidence and wellbeing
  • Beautiful teeth that won’t fall out or decay
  • The ability to comfortably eat your favourite foods
  • Better jawbone, oral, and overall health
  • A significantly better quality of life

Implant Brands We Use

For international patients, package treatment deals offer a fantastic experience. While researching hotel and transfer transactions is a massive problem, package deals solve this problem thoroughly. For example, full Mouth Dental Implant Package Deals have hotel accommodation, transfer services, medicines and temporary teeth.

Those treatments are performed as all-on-6 dental implant treatments, and costs are determined according to the brand used. There are a lot of brands used in dentistry. The most important thing people should be careful about is not where the brand is found. It should be the background of the brand. It does not mean the brand is safe and quality just because it was founded in a safe country.

In our Istanbul and Antalya clinics, Full mouth dental implant treatment differentiates between 2400 GBP and 13.000 GBP. The cost can be changeable according to the brand used. Our clinic gives you a warranty certificate and invoice at the end of the full mouth implant treatment.

For some situations, our dentist can recommend 14 implants, eight implants to the upper jaw and six implants to the lower jaw. The cost of this treatment can differ depending on the process and products used.

Why Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Are Different in Turkey

The cost of full-mouth dental implants depends on many factors, including the type and brand of implantation and where the implant placement surgery is performed. In addition, the high quality of materials used plays a significant role in the treatment.

Single implants may range from 300 GBP to 850 GBP, depending on the abovementioned factors. The price of full-mouth reconstructive dental implants can vary depending on the material brand chosen. Three or six months are needed to complete the full treatment.

The type of crowns effects directly to the cost as well. If you think of porcelain crowns for your treatment, the cost would be lower than others. Zirconium is the most used material in the implant in dentistry. E-Max is both the most expensive crown and the one having the most aesthetical appearance. 

What are the pros of dental implants in our clinics?

Dental implants are more reliable and durable than therapeutic ones, such as crowns and bridges cemented or removable dentures. Dental implants or fixtures offer a permanent solution for tooth loss. When they are used to support a dental bridge or crown because multiple teeth are missing, dental implants represent a cavity-resistant and stable foundation for these restorations. Although many therapeutic options exist for replacing missing teeth, none have proven as functionally practical and durable as dental implants. Here’s why we should choose dental implants:

  • A renewed sense of confidence and wellbeing
  • Beautiful teeth that won’t decay
  • The ability to comfortably eat your favourite foods
  • Better jawbone, oral, and overall health
  • A significantly better quality of life

Dental Implant Prices In Turkey

  • Nucleoss (Made in Turkey) 250 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • DTI (Made in Turkey) 250 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • NTA (Made in Swiss) 325 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • Megagen (Made in German) 350 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • Neodent (Made in Swedish) 350 GBP

    Lifetime Warranty Certificates included. Manufactured by Straumann.

  • Hiossen – Osteem ( Made in Korea) 350 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • Nobel ( Made in German ) 400 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • Medentica ( Made in Swedish) 700 GBP

    Lifetime Warranty Certificates included. Manufactured by Straumann.

  • Astra Tech (Made in Swedish ) 700 GBP

    Life Time Warranty Certificates included.

  • Strauman Rocksolid SLA 700 GBP

    Lifetime Warranty Certificates included.