Full Mouth Dental Implant Package Deals in Turkey

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Full mouth dental implants in Turkey are one of the most important and preferred dental implant surgery. You are missing natural teeth, right? No worries. We will focus on the solution to this problem in this article. First of all, if you read this content, your first question is, “how much is full mouth dental implant price in Turkey?” and here is the answer Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey prices start from 1900 GBP to 7800 GBP. Total dental implants cost changes depending on a dental treatment plan and material brand. Dental implants are titanium-made or frames surgically implanted into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, your dentist can mount replacement teeth onto them. 

Knowing that full-mouth dental implants are permanent is a great relief for patients. With full-mouth dental implants, people can return to life as they previously would. Be ready to eat the foods they love without restrictions and participate in social situations in meals without worrying about slippage.

If you need high-quality dental treatments for yourself, please remember you can get free consultations with our experienced dentist for dental implants. Get a free treatment plan and reach your healthy smile today!

Treatments Turkey UK Savings
All-on-4 Turkey Price £1,900 £7,950 76%
All-on-6 Turkey Price £2,850 £10,750 74%
All-on-8 Turkey Price £3,800 £12,750 70%
Full Mouth Reconstruction £4,400 £16,000 73%
Single Implants £237.5 £1,750 86%

What is Implant ?

In short, an implant is a screw made of titanium. This screw’s working system is the same as the teeth root. If you do not have any teeth in your mouth, implants play a role as roots by placing them there. So, crowns will be added onto implants, and you will be able to use again the parts of your mouth that you have not used. Full mouth implant applications are a treatment done by placing implants into the mouth whose people have wobbly or no teeth. We target removing the nutrition and oral health problem at the treatment’s end. Implant treatments are performed as All-on-4 full-mouth dental implants or All-on-6 full-mouth dental implants. This treatment which has been performed for the last 60 years has proven its safety and improved daily.

What are All-on-4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 dental implants are a kind of implant treatment that places eight implants, four implants for the upper jaw and four for the lower jaw. If you have a tiny mouth structure, All-on-4 treatment can have great results! You can visit this page for more detailed information about the All-on-4 dental implant treatment in Turkey.

What are All-on-6 Implants?

The all-on-6 implant is a kind of treatment that places 12 implants, six implants to the lower or upper jaw. At the end of this treatment, patients will have 24 or 28 teeth. This treatment generally requires people with solid jaw or vast mouth structures. Compared with the all-on-4 implant, the all-on-6 implant has a more durable structure. If you want to get more detailed information about this treatment please follow the all-on-6 full-mouth dental implant Turkey page.

What is Full Arch Restoration?

Full arch restoration is a restoration procedure that provides you with complete restoration of the entire arch of teeth by using dental implants. This procedure can be used for aesthetic appearance, chewing problems and people who have a disability in speaking due to their missing teeth. There are some variations such as single-tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, all-on-4 dental implants, all-on-6 implants and full-mouth dental implants. Do you need it? or your natural teeth are missing? Please remember you can text us on Whatsapp.

Who Needs to Get a Dental Implant?

Tooth extraction in our dental clinic in Turkey is usually for one of two reasons; extensive decay or low bone structure resulting in gum disease. That’s why, before dental implant treatment, dentists may need to make bone grafts for patients. Thankfully, we have come a long way, and that is no longer the case. Dental implants are usually the best option for replacing missing teeth. They can be used to replace one or multiple teeth. Why choose it? It improves the quality of life; it is built to last; it preserves remaining teeth, looks natural, and will have no decay. By the way, no worry about the pain during the process. During the dental implant treatment, you will be applied local anaesthesia and you do not feel any pain.

Full mouth implants in Turkey are miracles for missing most or all teeth. Not only do full-mouth dental implants look and feel natural, but they’re also permanent. Since full-mouth dental implants are more popular than dentures among patients, let’s explore full-mouth dental implants in a little more depth. Full-mouth dental implants will be one of the best solutions if you miss all your teeth. You probably know the discomfort and embarrassment that go along with missing teeth for normal routine life. If you’re using dentures, you’re probably aware of some of the downsides of that treatment.

full mouth dental implant before-after in turkey
e-max veneers before-after-turkey-dental-clinic

Dental Implant Prices in Turkey

Single tooth implant prices vary from 200£ to 1200£; All on-4 dental implant prices in Turkey change between 1900£ to 7500£; While All on-6 dental implant prices in Turkey differentiate between 4000£ and 10000£, Full mouth dental implant prices in Turkey vary from 1900£ and 11000£. Dental implant prices in Turkey change depending on the crown material used, the brand of the product used and whether you get the bone grafting and sinus lifting or not.

Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey Package Deals

Full mouth dental implants turkey package deals start from 1900 GBP with hotel accommodation, including breakfast and VIP transfers. Full-mouth dental implant package deals are payment solutions that offered hotel costs, VIP car transfer costs and dental treatment costs in one treatment plan. You will find the most affordable prices in Turkey. Full-mouth dental implants in Turkey package deals are one of the most preferred treatment options in dental tourism. In this option, you do not deal with anything here. After you send us a flight ticket, we launch the process including hotel, transportation with VIP cars and clinic appointments. Fast and easy.

Full mouth dental implant package deals in Turkey provide an all-in-one solution for those seeking affordable and high-quality dental treatment. By choosing this option, patients can enjoy a stress-free dental experience without worrying about making separate arrangements for accommodation, transportation, and treatment. In addition, full-mouth dental implant packages are one of the most preferred treatment options in Turkey, this option also saves patient’s budgets. By taking advantage of these packages, patients can benefit from significant cost savings while still receiving excellent dental care.

Full-mouth dental implants have become increasingly popular among individuals who have lost multiple teeth due to various dental issues. This treatment option provides a more long-term solution that closely resembles natural teeth, unlike traditional dentures or bridges. However, selecting a reliable clinic and using high-quality implant brands are essential factors for ensuring successful and lasting results.

There are two primary types of package deals available for full mouth dental implant treatments – all-inclusive packages and partial packages. All-inclusive packages encompass travel, accommodation, and treatment, while partial packages cover only the dental treatment itself. Each package type has its advantages and disadvantages, requiring careful comparison before deciding which option to choose.

The total cost of full mouth dental implants is determined by several factors, such as the type of implant utilized, the amount of bone grafting necessary, and any supplementary procedures such as sinus lifting or extractions. Moreover, the cost can also be affected by the location of the dental clinic, and it is advisable to compare prices in various countries to identify a more cost-effective option.

When choosing a dental clinic for full mouth dental implant treatments, it’s critical to look for experienced dental professionals who use high-quality implant brands. Essential factors to consider include accreditation, patient reviews, and the overall reputation of the clinic.

In summary, full mouth dental implant package deals can be an effective tooth replacement option. It’s essential to carefully consider the package type, treatment cost, and clinic reputation before making a decision. With the proper care and attention, full mouth dental implants can offer a permanent and natural-looking solution for missing teeth.

Why Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Are Different in Turkey?

Full-mouth dental implants cost or full set implants cost depends on many factors, including the type and brand of implantation and where the implant placement surgery is performed. In addition, the high quality of materials used plays a significant role in the treatment. Full mouth dental implant cost may range from 1900 GBP to 7800 GBP, depending on the abovementioned factors. The price of full-mouth reconstructive dental implants can vary depending on the material brand chosen. Three or six months are needed to complete the full treatment. The type of crowns effects directly to the cost as well. If you think of porcelain crowns for your treatment, the cost would be lower than othersZirconium is the most used material in the implant in dentistry. E-Max is both the most expensive crown and the one having the most aesthetical appearance.

Bone Graft and Sinus Lift Process

When a patient has missing or damaged teeth for an extended period, the bone in their jaw begins to deteriorate, making it difficult to support dental implants. In such cases, a bone graft may be necessary to create a stable base for the implant. Similarly, the sinus lift procedure is used when the patient’s upper jawbone has shrunk, making it difficult to place implants without reaching the sinus cavity. During the procedure, the sinus membrane is lifted, and bone graft material is added to the upper jawbone to increase its height and create a secure base for the implant. These procedures allow patients with insufficient bone structure to receive dental implants and restore their smile and oral health.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a procedure that helps to strengthen and support the bone structure in your jaw. When you have missing teeth or have experienced bone loss, the jaw bone can become weak and unable to support dental implants. During a bone graft, bone material is taken from another part of your body, or a synthetic material is used, and placed into the area where your jaw bone has deteriorated. This material then stimulates the growth of new bone tissue, which helps to create a stronger and more stable foundation for dental implants. By restoring the bone structure in your jaw, you can receive dental implants and improve your overall oral health. If you need more information on bone grafting please read this article 

What is Sinus Lifting ?

Sinus lifting is a dental procedure that helps people who have lost teeth in their upper jaw or have bone loss in that area. It’s done when the sinus cavity (empty space in the bone) is too close to where the new teeth need to go. In this procedure, the dentist will make a small opening in the bone and gently push the membrane lining the sinus cavity up, then add bone grafting material to the area. This increases the height of the bone, creating a better base for the implants. It sounds a little scary, but it’s a safe and effective way to help people restore their missing teeth and improve their oral health. You will find basic explanations for sinus lifting types, if you want more information please read what is sinus lifting content.

  • Traditional sinus lift: This involves making an incision in the gum tissue and lifting the sinus membrane to create space for the bone graft material to be inserted.

  • Crestal sinus lift: Also known as the osteotome technique, this method involves creating a small opening in the jawbone near the sinus and then using special tools to elevate the sinus membrane and insert the bone graft material.

  • Lateral window sinus lift: This approach involves creating a window in the lateral wall of the sinus and lifting the membrane to insert the bone graft material. This technique is usually used when there is not enough bone height to accommodate an implant in the back of the upper jaw.

How Long Should You Stay in Turkey For Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment?

You will visit Turkey twice for full-mouth implant treatment, and the total time you should stay in Turkey is thirteen days. For the first visit, it is enough to stay four nights and five days. But the dentist will check your bone tissue; if your bone loss is too much, a bone graft can be done by the dentist. So, the first visit can be one more day than we said. Bone loss or bone density is very important before the treatment.

For the second visit, staying six nights and seven days is good enough. In the first part of the treatment, you should visit the clinic two times, in the second part of the treatment, you should visit the clinic four times. If the dentist accepts, you can visit an extra one for the first visit, and you will be taken measures for the temporary teeth.

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An Outlook to Dental Implants and Dentures

Full mouth dental implants and dentures are popular solutions among patients. However, they differ from each other for various reasons. Let’s go on.

Full mouth dental implants and dentures are popular solutions among patients. However, they differ from each other for various reasons. Let’s go on.

Dental implants differ from dentures, which can be removed during the day and at night or from bridges and crowns that need ongoing maintenance and replacement. Full mouth dental implants are a permanent and beautiful solution for missing teeth. Dental implants, also known as fixtures, are placed directly in the jaw bone and become permanent. They act like artificial teeth root So, it means no more adhesive, removal, and meticulous cleaning than you would with dentures

Dentures are the most common removable prostheses in dentistry. Those dentures being removable prosthesis often come with clasps and an attachment framework – they look nice. Still, there is the risk of slippage, making patients self-conscious and leading them to avoid some foods. Dental implants are placed directly to the jawbone, so stability is never an issue. They’re permanent and look and act and feel like your natural tooth – it will not be long before you forget they’re there!

Full mouth implants or full set dental implants are superior to dentures, in terms of dental and bone health. One risk with dentures or full dentures is that they can result in bone deterioration, leading to more significant dental issues and severe problems in the jaw bone. However, dental implants are integrated with the jaw bone, which means that the implants never compromise your bone health. Full-mouth dental implants or complete sets are poor maintenance, especially with the fixtures or dental implants. The dental implants attach permanently to your bone, so there’s no removal for cleaning or support and likely no need for replacement. Instead, you treat them with implants like your healthy teeth, merely brushing and flossing twice daily.

Everything is okay, all procedures were done, and you have new teeth and a new smile, but please remember how you have it. The healing period is so critical in this stage. Oral hygiene and dental care are so important in the dental treatment process, and it is going to create a big affect for the healing period So, please follow the rules after the treatment.

  • You should not ever use alcohol during the first two weeks.
  • You should keep going on eating soft things during the first week.
  • You should use painkillers and antibiotics until you will finish them.
  • Master Botox will be a fantastic solution if you have a problem with the gnashing of teeth.
  • You should avoid hot and cold beverages during the healing period.

What are the advantages of dental implants in our clinics?

Dental implants are more reliable and durable than restorative ones, such as crowns and bridges cemented into place or removable dentures. Full mouth implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. When used to support a dental bridge or crown because multiple teeth are missing, dental implants represent a cavity-resistant and stable foundation for these restorations. Although many therapeutic options exist for replacing missing teeth, none have proven as functionally practical and durable as dental implants. Here’s why we should choose dental implants:

  • A renewed sense of confidence and wellbeing.
  • Beautiful teeth that won’t fall out or decay.
  • The ability to comfortably eat your favourite foods.
  • Better jawbone, oral, and overall health.
  • A significantly better quality of life.

Since 2012, we have helped our patients coming to Turkey for dental implants treatments. We care not only dental implants treatments but all dental treatments as well. From transportation and accommodation to the treatment plan and all things you would like to do, As Health Centers Turkey, we ensure you all treatment services at affordable price.

Most Asked Client Quesitons

Our clinic boasts a team of expert dental professionals, including a 12-year-experienced implant surgeon and a prosthesis specialist with 25 years of experience as a professor.

Our initial consultation and examination process includes a panoramic x-ray and live check for each client. This information helps our doctors create a customized treatment plan that’s tailored to the client’s individual needs and preferences.

We offer two implant treatment options that cater to varying bone qualities. The traditional two-visit treatment is recommended for clients with adequate bone quality, while the single-visit treatment option, using a special type of implant, is ideal for clients with good bone quality.

Our two-visit treatment option requires two visits during the first phase and five visits during the second phase, with all procedures completed within this timeframe. The one-visit treatment option requires a total of six appointments at our clinic to complete the entire process.

Our two-visit treatment plan is priced at 7,200 GBP, while our one-visit treatment plan costs 9,500 GBP. It’s important to note that additional fees of 250 GBP apply for bone grafts or sinus lifts required for either treatment option.

Our clinic is situated in a central location in Antalya, with easy access to transportation such as trains, taxis, or buses. Additionally, we offer transfer services to ensure clients’ convenience during their treatment timeframe.

Our clinic provides clients with 4-star, all-inclusive, full-board hotel accommodation during their treatment. If a client wishes to bring a partner, an additional fee of 75 GBP per night is applicable for the partner’s stay.

Our clinic offers free consultation to all clients after their treatment. At the end of the treatment, clients will receive warranty certificates for the materials used and detailed instructions for the aftercare process will be provided through both paper and email formats. Additionally, our lifetime warranty for the implants covers any necessary replacement or repair of the implant, ensuring clients are well-cared for even after their treatment is complete.

Our clinic’s success rate for dental implant procedures is 96%. In the rare case of any complications, our experienced doctors and team will take action to cover the issue and ensure our clients’ safety and satisfaction. After the treatment, clients receive detailed information and instructions for the healing process, ensuring they are well informed and prepared for any potential complications.

Dental Implant Brands We Use

In addition, we only use world-renowned dental implant brands such as Straumann, Neodent, Megagen, and Osstem, which have a success rate of 98%. These implant brands have worldwide warranty, and we provide original products with warranty certificates. Our team of highly experienced dental professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives top-quality care and treatment. With our package deals, you can have peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your treatment are taken care of, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

It’s important to note that the success of dental implant treatments doesn’t solely depend on the brand used. While there are many brands available, not all of them have a proven track record of safety and quality. That’s why we take great care in selecting only world-renowned implant brands such as Straumann, Neodent, Megagen, and Osstem. These brands have a success rate of 98% and come with worldwide warranties and original products with warranty certificates. We have a team of highly experienced dental professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care and treatment.

At our Istanbul and Antalya clinics, we offer full mouth dental implant treatments that range from 1900 GBP to 7800 GBP. The cost may vary depending on the implant brand used, but we guarantee that you will receive a warranty certificate and invoice at the end of the treatment. Our team of dentists may recommend 14 implants for some patients, with eight for the upper jaw and six for the lower jaw. The cost of this treatment may vary depending on the process and implant brand used, but we assure you that we only use the most reliable and trusted implant brands available. With our commitment to quality care and treatment, you can trust that your full mouth dental implant treatment will be a success.

Get Free Consultation to our Experienced Dentists

You may missing tooth or you may need immediate dental implants. We understand you. No worries. As Health Centers Turkey, we have helped our patients in the best manner. From full mouth restoration to Smile Makeover, we have given the best dental treatment services since 2012. We have 10- years of experience as dentists in full mouth restoration and implant operations.

What are the Pros of Full Mouth Implants in Our Clinics?

Dental implants are more reliable and durable than therapeutic ones, such as crowns and bridges cemented or removable dentures. Dental implants or fixtures offer a permanent solution for tooth loss. When they are used to support a dental bridge or crown because multiple teeth are missing, dental implants represent a cavity-resistant and stable foundation for these restorations. Although many therapeutic options exist for replacing missing teeth, none have proven as functionally practical and durable as dental implants. Here’s why we should choose dental implants:

  • A renewed sense of confidence and wellbeing
  • Beautiful teeth that won’t decay
  • The ability to comfortably eat your favourite foods
  • Better jawbone, oral, and overall health
  • A significantly better quality of life
  • Full Mouth Implants Cost In Turkey
  • Full mouth implants cost changes by depending on the brands.

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Our Antalya clinic is located in the center of the city. The clinics is amazing good distance for everywhere from beaches and nightclubs to the touristic and historical places. Antalya host a lot of people who coming for holiday. Antalya is well known touristic city worldwide.  Do you need more further information about  full mouth dental implant Antalya package deals ? You can look at here.

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