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Teeth whitening in Turkey is popular dental treatment among international patients. For those who are looking for a beautiful smile with much brighter teeth and whiter teeth in a short period of time, teeth whitening treatments are the fastest, safest, and easiest way. The most unique property of getting teeth whitening in turkey is its affordable prices compared to other European countries with no hidden costs at all! Turkey offers quality teeth whitening treatment in terms of cosmetic dentistry. This explains why there is so much demand for teeth whitening in turkey by most patients. There are also so many alternatives to teeth whitening treatment such as dental veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, etc. But the teeth whitening process is a simple procedure compared to dental implant treatment.

If you have decided to get teeth whitening in Turkey you may likely ask; what actually is professional teeth whitening procedure and laser teeth whitening procedure are, how long they last, what the whitening results are, how much whitening cost, and many more. For further information remember to book a free consultation from our customer care team. We would be happy to help you in your dental treatment process!

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What is Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The first step of the teeth whitening procedure is booking a consultation from the clinic. Then, your dentist will examine your teeth, and oral health, look if you have any gum disease, and decide on teeth whitening treatment as well as teeth whitening products that are suitable for you. In order to achieve the best results from teeth whitening treatment and reduce the risk of complications, this step is a must.

Then, your dentist starts by thoroughly cleaning to remove tartar and obvious yellow stains. And then, your dentist will put a rubber shield on your gums to protect them from whitening agent and the tooth whitening product will be applied to your teeth. This active tooth whitening product gets into the patient’s enamel and whitens the shade of the color of the teeth. After the teeth whitening treatment, some patients can feel sensitive teeth syndrome or gum sensitivity with a lower percentage but at the end of the treatment, your dentist will apply a special gel to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth.

How Long Does a Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Usually, teeth whitening lasts for at least 6 to 7 months, because as a fact, teeth get stained and discolored over time due to lifestyle and bad habits. But the length of this period depends on how you take care of your teeth and with good oral hygiene habits this duration may extend to almost a year. Additionally, teeth whitening results make most of the patients happy for a long time.

How Much Is Turkey Teeth Whitening Price?

Teeth whitening in Turkey price changes between 150$ and 550$ on average. However, this price range is likely to change from clinic to clinic because every dental clinic in Turkey has its own procedure for determining the prices for dental treatments. Moreover, the location of the dental clinic and the dentist you choose will also be effective on the prices.

Teeth whitening Turkey Istanbul prices changes between 100$ and 350$ in Istanbul. Getting your teeth whitening in Istanbul is a bit more pricey compared to other cities in Turkey and that is mostly because of the location of Istanbul. But this price range is actually so much cheaper than other regions like the UK, the USA, and Europe.

Teeth whitening Antalya prices are between 100$ and 250$ in Antalya. This price range is also so much cheaper than in other countries. Moreover, while you get your dental treatment in Turkey, you can also explore a beautiful and cultural country. To sum up, planning to get your teeth whitened in turkey comes with so many unique advantages.

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Health Centers Turkey Teeth Whitening Price

Laser teeth whitening in Health Centers Turkey cost a total of 160$ without any extra charge. Moreover, we provide 5-Star hotel accommodation and also a VIP car transfer option to occupy you from the airport to the dental clinic and also to the hotel. We also work with the highest quality materials for our patients. For a bright smile, contact us now!

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Teeth Whitening Turkey Antalya Price Treatment Duration Durability
160£ 1 Day 3-5 years

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Teeth Whitening Turkey Reviews

Teeth can not be whitened permanently. The procedure of teeth whitening in Turkey last 3-5 years depending on the dental care.

Turkey is one of the most countries that proven itself about the dental tourism popularity. Turkey is 5th country for dental tourism and it is well known worldwide. 

To get dental treatment in Turkey will save your budget 70%, on avarage. You will not pay fee some important procedures such as initial consultation, CAD/CAM, Panoramic X-Ray, but you do in The United Kingdom, Europe and The USA.  

During the teeth whitening process, you will not feel any pain. 

In Case You Look for Teeth Whitening Treatment in Turkey

We have a total of two dental clinics in Turkey. Our dental clinics are based in Antalya and Istanbul. To take advantage of our dental services, and dental care, and get rid of all your dental problems, please contact us via phone call, email, or Whatsapp, or you can fill out the form that we have on our website. More detailed information about our Antalya dental clinic and Istanbul dental clinic are given below!

Teeth Whitening Turkey Antalya Clinic

Our Antalya clinic offers 5-Star hotel accommodation, VIP car transportation, and many more free services to serve you in the best manner. Moreover, Antalya is famous for its blue flag beaches, historical sites, nightclubs, dance nights, and the apple of Turkey’s eye in terms of dental tourism. So that, you can enjoy an advanced dental holiday with an amazing Mediterranean vacation!

Teeth Whitening Turkey Istanbul Clinic

Our Istanbul clinic offers everything from luxurious accommodation to VIP transportation just like our Antalya clinic. Additionally, our experienced dentist will guide you in every step of your dental treatment process. Our clinic in Istanbul is located in Nişantaşı which is a perfect place to visit shopping malls, Grand Bazaar, Bebek beach, and historical places. You can get every little thing that you need, fast and easy!

Teeth Whitening Turkey Reviews

Turkey is by far the most visited country in terms of health tourism by many international patients. With its up-to-date dental clinic options, a wide range of dental treatment, and dentist options amaze patients from all over the world. That is why every year, more than 100.000 patients get their teeth and dental treatment is done in Turkey. So, why not rush and get your treatment for affordable costs?

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