Types Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetic permanent medical devices that surgically implanted into the jaw to restore person’s the ability to chew or natural tooth appearance. Dental implants are one of the most common preferred dental devices that used in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, together with dental crowns and dental veneers. Dental implants procedure requires at least 2 visits. Dental implants are dental devices that having high success rate. Dental implants have life-time guarantee. In this article, we are going to cover types of dental implants; Endosteal, Subperiosteal and Zygomatic dental implants. 

dental implants
types of dental implants

Endosteal Implants

endosteal implants

Endosteal implants are dental implants that made of titanium artifical tooth, acting like artificial tooth to hold replacement tooth. Cylinder and blade are types of endosteal implants. Endosteal implants are the most safest and the most common dental implant type. –

Subperiosteal Implants


Subperiosteal implants are dental implants that supporting artifical teeth. If patients do not have enough healthy bone to support traditional dental implants, supoeriosteal implants can be recommended. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone, but this is not for mean for subperiosteal implants, because they areplaced above the bone and below the gum tissue. 

Zygomatic Implants

zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants take its name from zygoma. Zygomatic implants are placed into the zygoma , also known as cheekbone. They are recommended for patients who have severe bone loss on their upper jaw. Zygomatic implants are evidence-based surgical and prosthetic dental solution. 

With a proper dental care, dental implants can last up 20 years. 

Dental implants have high success rate,which is above 95%. 

First of all, dental implants can last up long years like 20 years. Secondly, they behave like natural teeth. Thirdly, dental implants can prevent bone loss. Fourth of all, they can keep adjecent teeth stable.